Facebook sign in for remarks?

Since when did I need to sign in with my facebook login to add to remarks or views?

It isn’t mandatory.

Is it a bug, I don’t have fb, so I couldn’t even when I wanted to.

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Are you on a mobile device (mobile phone, tablet) or on your computer?

On my computer.

It won’t let me leave a remark if I don’t. It asks to sign in on either facebook or twitter. I do not share that information on any other sight.

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What “remark” are you referring to, do you mean it won’t let you comment on Drama page in the “review/comments”, not in the review section???
Any screenshot of the popup message, where it’s asking you for that info??

You have to be logged in to Viki in order to write reviews and comments.

This is a screenshot of the Create Account window.


While this is the window to log in.


I hope you see the same?

If you have previously opened an account on Viki.com using your email, you can write that in in the Log in credentials.


Please share a few screenshots…

They can’t force you to use your social accounts. I don’t have Twitter or Facebook… I’m using my email everywhere.