I don’t follow the “news” for a reason, but how can I not become distraught whenever I hear horrible things about my favourite actor and actress.

As K-celebrities find themselves in all sorts of “scandals” brought upon by selfish, evil individuals who just want to ruin their lives, various media outlets use their nefarious influence to actually paint them as wicked monsters, even if a verdict hasn’t been given yet. Sadly, some people actually believe these “fake news” for whatever reason.
The thing with Truth is that try as you may, it cannot be hidden, not for long anyway. It shines too brightly.

Even if they have indeed erred, I say: Hate the sin, not the sinner.
Some end up so stressed and panicked that they endanger their own lives. Over what? Banal things that aren’t even worth more than a fine, while other countries don’t even treat them as crimes or anything like that.

The worst part is that their imagine is forever ruined. Apparently, if you aren’t a Saint, all your fans will leave you. I suppose this is what happens when you throw yourself at the whim of this evil world. These K-celebrities live and die by their image and fans, after all.
I won’t be like that, though. I will love and respect them, always talking highly of their work, no matter what.

Anyway, I’m sorry for the long-winded post. I just had to get this off my chest.

I find this site very refreshing. And… you’re welcome :laughing:



Thank you! This looks like the bad-ass version of Viki’s Soompi.

This post is quite vague, but I hope it’s not in response to the #MeToo movement, because that had to be done.

Amazing site!!! Whoever owns it is a genious.

“TWICE might be making a comeback soon, but that’s hardly the most important story relating to the group. Rather, it’s the mounting evidence that Dahyun is some kind of alien hellspawn that seeks and finds cameras lenses in order to suck the soul out of the user.”

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LOL, even their disclaimer has an attitude.


I’m glad you like it as well. It’s not for everyone. My personal favourite “articles” are when fan wars start. Then you see all of their stupidity, spiced with some irony and sarcasm.



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I can’t… I just can’t… :joy: