Fake TV doctors telling their patients they're going to die

Fake TV doctors telling their patients they only have an X amount of time before they die is total bullshirt (a word I picked up from Netflix/Fremulon’s latest hit, A Good Place :sweat_smile:).

From an ethical point of view, it’s just super evil to say, “You’re going to die. I’m not. But you are.”

From a metaphysical point of view, I’m sorry, but you’re not God.

From a legal point of view, patients have to sign a bunch of papers that includes a clause sparing them from such grisly details.

From a medical point of view and arguably the most important since they’re pretending to be doctors, the whole point is to save people’s life. And if you can’t do that, you have to prolong their life. And if you can’t do that, either, you have to ensure they don’t suffer. “You’re going to die in six months” is the complete opposite of that. Wouldn’t you agree?

I am not a fan of such staged or fake tv productions.

Either you make fiction or a documentary, in between there is a lot of … I wouldn’t watch even if you pay me for it.

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idk about tv productions those are just weird. In terms of fiction, or reality, I’d take it.

hmmm…there are some cases where it’s almost sure that the person doesn’t have much time to live. I think telling them “You have a __% chance of making it. You have ______ months to live, unless you have a miracle.” is a better sentence.
If I had a terminal disease, I’d want to know my life expectancy. I’d want to leave all my things in order, write a proper will and spend time with people.

Not everyone wants a prolonged life in a bedridden state or having to undergo endless operations or chemotherapy. Some people would prefer to come home, even if it means putting a countdown on their days. I’d say it’s even more mean to hide the fact that your life is slowly ebbing away and make people pay for all those medical bills without giving them a choice.

Like you said, doctors aren’t gods. They can’t make you better no matter what your condition is. Doctors basically just buy time for the body to heal itself. When your body itself says it’s done housing your soul, only God can save you.
And if you exceed your life expectancy, you can live in thankfulness for every day you have. Doctors can’t give you your death date, sure. But sometimes, we need estimates.

Have you heard of the Make-A-Wish Foundation? They grant wishes for children battling the last stages of cancer. When doctors have done all they could.
Maybe you can never be fully prepared to die. But I don’t think it’s evil for doctors to give an estimate. There are things I’d want to finish instead of just waiting around and going through endless treatment.

In the end, I would like it if the doctors gave people a choice.


I don’t watch them either for the very same reasons.

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In the real world, you do have options.
In dramaland, they outright tell you that you’re going to die. For dramatic purpose, they say. But how dumb is that? Get a real screenwriter! :grimacing: :crazy_face:

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At least this is better than that terrible drama Well-Intended Love. The ML falls for a girl, doesn’t know how to get her, so FAKES HER MEDICAL RECORDS to show she has terminal bone marrow cancer so that she would come and BEG HIM since he’s a donor match :rage::rage::rage: I was so angry at him when I found out that I couldn’t really enjoy the drama however sweet it was.


IKR? Talk about messed up :expressionless:
I was like - run girl, run. It’s not worth it.


Oh… And I actually wanted to watch that one. But not anymore. That sounds super messed up. Thank you for letting me know.


Just watch season 2. He doesn’t do it in that one and you don’t have to watch season 1, since season 2 is the same, but the characters just make different decisions.


I was glad that he didn’t do it in season 2…but did you notice there’s a part somewhere where he tells a doctor over the phone not to change the medical records because he’d already met her? I completely deflated after that :persevere:

Always glad to save people from manmade disasters :stuck_out_tongue:


Agree that the premise of this was one was so, so bad. I’m not sure why there was a season 2… I admit I watched the first season, despite finding the premise completely gross, but I didn’t feel any need for more of that show!

There’s another show on Netflix called “Love Now!” that has similar deception. I really liked the leads in “Love Around,” but the premise in the blurb–her friends convince her she has terminal cancer so she goes on vacation!?!–is so totally off-putting that I haven’t watched it.

Anyway as far as I know, most actual real life doctors never tell someone they have X months to live because it’s neither helpful nor possible to say, usually. It always sounds a little silly on TV - Dr. House was a big offender where they didn’t know what somebody had but would dramatically declare that they were dying.


Yes, he told him that as a reference to season 1. That he wasn’t going to make the same decision as in that season (maybe the writers wanted to show that they made a mistake before, idk. Even without that plot line, I think the girl should run :rofl:)

I remember editing the tc’s for this season and man, some people love cheering on toxic behavior :no_mouth:

I saw that one back in the day when it came out and yes, that premise was absolutely horrifying. Why would you do that to someone, even if they are a workaholic?
But honestly, I did enjoy the rest of the drama :laughing:

I know someone who got told how many more months she had to live, actually two people. One of them died soon after and one of them is still alive years later. Now she doesn’t care if they say that she doesn’t have much longer to live.

The first time around she prepared everything for her passing (told her boss, got new owners for her pets, someone to take care of her parents), but then it didn’t happen for years and years. So she had to adjust and get used to living her life without knowing if she’s going soon or holding out for a couple more years.


That seems so traumatizing! I hope she lives a long and happy life.

I am still really shocked that a doctor would say something like this!


It is very terrible that broadcasters produce such programs and even more shocking that these broadcasters seem to have success with it.

Living with frightening diagnoses is bad enough, you don’t need the audacity of such fakes as well.


Whatever sells, I suppose. :unamused:

Dr. House is on another level altogether. :sweat_smile: His style is to shock patients and colleagues alike with his strange alternative treatments. :grimacing::joy:

Yeah, but Dr. House relished on the whole shock factor. :scream_cat::joy_cat: