"Family" Accounts

Hello, My name is gesupias and i’m new here. I wasn’t sure how to contact viki so I thought a discussion with votes might be best. (I apologize if this has been discussed before)

I created a Viki account so my cousin and I could watch kdramas. However, this is a problem when we’re both watching the same drama as we forget who is on what episode. Would anyone agree to the idea of Viki allowing for multiple user accounts (like hulu or netflix) in order to avoid this problem, especially for those of us who created our accounts for the purpose of sharing with another family member or friend?

please correct me on anything and thank you for taking your time to read and reply!


Hi there!
I am a volunteer at Viki, if you look for a voting system there is one at the Help Center, you can find it when you hover over your Viki profile pic on one of the Viki pages not here at discussions.
Anyway, I went looking there and there is one post

If you meant something like this you can vote the post up, if many do Viki will take it into consideration. If it is not exactly what you meant you are free to write one as a post under ideas and looking for people, who would like the same thing as you.

Hope this helps you, if you have trouble finding the Help Center or navigating there let us know, we will guide you if needed.


Thank you so much! That’s exactly what I was looking for.


A Viki account isn’t supposed to be shared with others and is a personal account. Of course families do share accounts from time and there are other reasons why accounts are shared among multiple people.

But because of this I don’t think Viki would add such a feature you ask for as that would go against their own TOS/Guidelines.


I know that but dudie, I went to the Help Center and looking at some replies from Viki staff I wondered if there now are differences for volunteer accounts and paying viewers. I don’t know that’s why I didn’t mention it.

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There is? I didn’t know!
@mariliam are there really two types of accounts now?

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