Family centerd dramas

I know I always talk about this but there never seem to be any family centered or social drams anymore

Are you talking about dramas you can watch with kids or young teenagers (13 -15 yrs old)?

I’d suggest these ones if my guess is right.

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Well, in these times productions try their hardest to not let us think about the real life all too much

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@shraddhasingh You mean like this? You only need to copy the link and on the top of this comment box chose Hyperlink and add it into, then it won’t open a box but only the link.


2021 social dramas I find really good:

Law School (NX)
Hospital Playlist 2 (NX)
Dr. Romantic 2


Yes there are. The family dramas are the weekend dramas that last for 50 episodes (or more, but Viki doesn’t bring 100-episode k-dramas nowadays because, frankly, who would have the patience for them?). Slightly older ones - but really good! - are All About My Mom, Five Enough, Father Is Strange, . The most recent I watched, that was really enjoyable and hugely successful, was Once Again.


I thought it had a lot of topics scratching today’s society and a family aspect but hidden until …