Fan Channel for My Poseidon is now deleted (and it's not a joke)

5 days ago, Viki lost the license for My Poseidon and the “Coming Soon” is now a Fan Channel. 5 days later, the Fan Channel is now deleted from today. Even in search does not seem the name of the C-drama anymore.

The C-Drama My Poseidon will never be released on Viki, sadly. :sob: :sob: :sob:
P.S: I’m really sorry for the translation team who worked on it made them lose so much work. :cry:

Today, the Fan Channel for My Poseidon is now deleted forever. Now it looks like this:


:cry: :sob: :triumph:

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This drama hasn’t been even shown yet. It’s just rescheduled. That’s why Viki “lost” the licence. I think it’s only temporary until they know when it’s going to be shown on Chinese TV. Which will not be before summer.


The channel is still there ( but as you said it’s not showing when you search for it. I looked at my “following” and it’s there too (for now, maybe it’s really going to be deleted soon :cry:)


If everybody ask again for the license, may be Viki return with it? A new campain is not a good idea for the drama?

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Actually, this not-showing-when-searching thing could be an actual separate issue. I was looking for Ode to Joy yesterday, couldn’t find it - concluded Viki doesn’t have the licence. But today I found it going through Yang Zi’s Viki profile.

In normal circumstances I would say a good “return this show to us” campaign would work. However, this is a matter of Chinese government forbidding everyone, including Chinese TV and internet stations, of broadcasting the show. So, Viki has no say in the matter. The licence is not possible for anyone.

I just wanted to say that. The Link ( is still working but i had the same issue with other “famous” drama’s.

It’s deleted for real now! :sob: :sob: :sob:


strange strange

Unfortunately D: I really hope that we can get it back :frowning:

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Me too, I’m requesting it every day.

Same :cry: Fighting!

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