Fated to Love you (Thai Version)

Ya!!! There is a Thai version on that plot story. My wish is that Viki will pick this version up too. But sadly, Viki sure suck at grabbing Thai dramas. Either we don’t have a community large enough, no volunteers or they just don’t want to. :frowning:

Also, sadly there is not an English subtitle out. Either I am lucking out or there really isn’t English Subtitle.

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true. there’s no English subtitled version anywhere. I’m watching this raw as well…:smiley:

ok where do I watch it then? watched the other two, so this one is next. love them

Someone is already subbing the drama. I’ve sent you a message.

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@sandia28, do you mean me?:)) If so, I didn’t get any message. Could you pretty please send it over facebook, or something?

It would be nice if you share it here so everyone have access to it. Thanks.

Hi, I can’t post such links here. It’s against Viki Policy.
I’ve sent you a message.:slight_smile:

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Oh. I didn’t know that. Thank you. I appreciate it very much!! :heart_eyes:

sandia28, can i have the link too? tq

Go to Google and search for
fated to love you thai eng sub
Many results will come up!