Favorite Anime Opening/Ending Ost


Mine is Death Note’s opening !



Gundam Wing

Saint Seiya


Ghost in the Shell

For now :stuck_out_tongue:


i Liked them, i must watch “Lain” i heard its cool, what do you think?


The ambiance is a little bit weird… but the story is interesting :slight_smile:


Ehem, ehem:

Shaman King

The Law of Ueki

But there are a lot that are really cool
coughs coughs (Death Note, Shingeki no Kyojin, Tokyo Ghoul)


Hmm I like the opening but I find the serie too much (unless you like deppressing ones) ^^


Opening: Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Opening 4
Period by Chemistry
The feels. Every. single. time.
Makes you remember the best ending in all of anime history.

Ending: Space Brothers Ending 2
Kokuhaku by Angela Aki
It’s just such a hopeful song. A fantastic fit for the anime.


For those of you who are a bit older, I LOVED Patlabor’s OP2 - “Condition Green” by Hiroko Kasahara.


Omigosh, lots of faves! Just like Kdramas, I’ve been watching animes for years, so it’s not easy to name a favorite.
But at the moment, I’m totally loving Noragami’s OST. The anime itself is hella awesome.


My favorite anime opening is the first opening of nanatsu no taiza