Favorite Anime Opening/Ending Ost


What’s your favorite anime original soundtrack? I’ll start with these:
1° Full Metal Alchemist Opening 2

2° Ayashi No Ceres Ending


Ahh, can’t do favorites, not with music. Can I just sporadically post ones I’m listening to at the time?

My brother raves about Hajime no Ippo, and this one got stuck in my head for awhile.
Naoya Mori - Yuuzora no Kamihikouki (first ending theme)


I’m with Scircus on this… I can’t do favorite… However this particular earwig has been with me for about 6 months.

Itzanura na kiss


My favorite opening AND ending are for both but here i will just post the opening

  • Kimi ni todoke (song is really beautiful in my opinion, although i have yet to watch the second season,since i got so busy watching kdramas) plus, i heard they dont kiss in here so im pissed and delaying it,cuz i mean, whats the point if ur not gonna get a kiss?


  • Lovely complex (hilarious and loved it)


Oh Wait! this one is really good too… this one may be as close to a favorite as I’ve got.

Clannad (ending)


I liked many openings and to name a few:
Air: Tori No Uta by Lia
Oh My Goddess TV: Open Your Mind by Yoko Ishida
Trinity Blood: Dress by Buck-Tick
Gravitation: Super Drive by Sakanoue Yosuke
Romeo X Juliet: Inori ~You Raise Me Up ~ by Lena Park
Scrapped Princess : Little Wing by Jam Project
Tsubasa RC: Blaze by KINYA

An other song I love but as far as I remember it was just an insert song;
Tsubasa RC: Yume No Tsubasa by Makino Yui

Right now endings don’t pop into my head so I will post a few an another time.


My favorite anime will ALWAYS be TORIKO!

From start to finish, it is a fantastic anime that truly inspires those who love food to imagine and create new culinary delights.
But, of course I follow other anime as well U know, it just that I really enjoy Toriko.


Here is a few more of my favorite ost

Samouraï Champloo’s ost ( Almost all the song are by Nujabes, this one is my favorite)

Cutey Honey (one of the multiple version of this song…)

Death Note Opening 1

City Hunter ending

Claymore opening (By the same band who did the opening of Death note)


Ooh, this one. Especially because I’ve actually seen the anime <3
AnoHana - “Secret Base - 10 Years After Ver.”

This one’s actual an insert song, I think.
Guilty Crown - “Euterpe”


Samurai Champloo

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

Soul Eater





Paradse Kiss

Fushigi Yuugi

Magic Knight Rayearth


Fruit Baskets

Tsukuyomi Moon Phase

Black Blood Brothers



12 kingdoms


Vision of Escaflowne

WOW trip down memory lane that is just a few I can think of off the top of my head I’ve watched more anime than dramas… O_O


Ayashi no ceres still has to be the most messed up anime to date that I’ve watched… I liked it but I was so stuck on the whole brother/sister thing I was x_X. WTF me watching @_@.


Haha I admit it was pretty messed up but I enjoy it a lot anyway lol I see you know Fushigi Yugi? I remembered checking it some time after i finished Ayashi No Ceres and thinking that the autor of both manga (Yuu Watase) must be really weird in her head lol
I think Zettai Kareshi is the most "happy/normal stuff she ever did.


coughs yeah very creative mind I suppose… but I actually liked all her work I just couldn’t think about the whole incest thing wigged the hell out of me LOL keep in mind I think it was one of my first Manga I read after watching Sailor Moon… the shock factor alone threw me…ahhhhhhhh too be that young and innocent again now I read Yaoi without batting an eye!! :smiley:
Have you seen the different versions of the Zettai Kareshi drama?? I prefer the manga but I gotta admit I liked them ALL so far!!! Night is sooooooooooooooo cuteeeeeeeee ALWAYS I start the first ep and at first I’m all yeah he not the same end of drama I’m like I WANT to order him RIGHT NOW!!!


Hahah Sailor Moon… those days when a kiss between Usagi and Mamoru would elicit such thrill lool
I watched Japanese and taiwanese versions of Zettai Kareshi and i liked both! I too prefer tha manga without hesitation, It’s really a classic.

By the way, did you know that there was supposed to be kdrama adaptation with T.O.P in the role of Night? I read it on a very legit site some last year. Of course he didn’t do it finally so I’m still waiting for a K-Zettai Kareshi.


Ending theme from From the New World - first time I heard it the beginning of the song gave me chills (Pretty messed up anime too :D)


My favourites are:
Check this out it sums up every awesome anime OP!!!


and a lot more :rabbit:
Thanks for bringing this up I really enjoyed it :heart_decoration:


This is Black Cat OP Theme, But in Arabic it’s really GOOD.
I loved it it has eng sub if you want to know the meaning of the lyrics.
I always sing with it, it’s the best for me till now!!!
HERE it’s the Japanese and Arabic Versions


lol, these are dubbed in arabic, but i totally love it, sorry i couldn’t find english sub in these arabic dubbed
(Football Champions)
(Thunder Jet)
(one piece)
(peace maker)
that i found these are my childhood anime theme songs that i love, i wish there was eng sub for you guys