-Favorite asian Actress -

Who do you think deserves the respect as an actress ?
Let’s go judge !

Gong Hyo Jin
she is one of the few actress who can actually act.
i don’t remember seeing a bad acting from her


I like her too . I think she can play very different types of womans and still look very charming .


your right, she’s fantastic. i love her too. she’s on my list for my favorites.

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my favorite actress will ALWAYS be the one and only fantastic yoon eun hye. so good at acting and so cute i love this lady xD <3 she makes me laugh hysterically to cry in every role she does and does it well.

butttt, since everyone always says these and my second is park shin hye, which almost is everyones favorite aswell, i will bring to light another actress that is my favorite, that is maybe not too common (i have allot that i love that arent so popular, but i guess ill just name this one):

kim tae hee


Hwang Jung Eum. I have only seen her in two things, Incarnation of Money and Secret but I thought she was awesome in both. This girl hasn’t won awards for nothing! She has talent for sure. I’m looking forward to seeing her in her new drama Endless Love.

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Wow ! She’s my favorite too ! I think she’s so real , you know ? She can make us believe that she’s is having a hard time or a good one . I adore her for the feelings she brings ,
Good second choice , i’m happy people are not just bringing popular names .

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yes exactly! she has such a good way of bringing those emotions out, and at the same time she could be so silly and cute ^ ^ [quote=“SleepyCarol, post:7, topic:2494”]
Good second choice , i’m happy people are not just bringing popular names

yea, because even though there are allot that we like that are popular, its cool to talk about those not so well known or not so popular too x)

I haven’t see yet work of hers . But i did watch some clips and she seems gorgeous and with amazing acting skills .

LOOLOLOLOL omg! what a big face xDDD

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Nope girl kim Tae hee is my second favorite too. Umm i like park shin hye but she’s definitely not a favorite

She was amazing in secret !!! I still can remember scenes of her because her acting was so awesome. Great actress

i love her acting
i saw her in Full House 2

i haven’t seen secret
do u think i should ? was it good?
i like her acting but i hate boring stories

Am i the only one who hated her and lee min ho after Heirs…
i loved every work of them but they really disappointed me with this Drama and there meaningless acting in it… even though the other cast member were amazing, i still think it was the worst i have seen

I don’t know how to explain but i hated and loved Heirs . The chemistry between Shin Hye and Minho was great but the writing was so… UGH
At the same time i was loving i was like , please not the song to make it worse hahahah
Ahh i give up i can’t exlain it … I just think Heirs was the best and the worst for me .

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i loved my princess x) it will always be one of my favorites, it was one of the 1st dramas i ever saw. i was so into it, must rewatch.

I re watched it few weeks ago ^^ or was it more than a month before ? Lol can’t remember well. She was amazing in Jang ok Jeong

Hi!! It was a good drama ?

i never saw that one before. its another historical right?