Favorite Asian drama actor or actress that can sing(and maybe dance)

Do you have a favorite Asian drama actor or actress that can dance and is good or at least decent at both. I have some in mind but I have to think of all of them. I think think mine might be a long list. The two that I can think of is Si Won and Jae Joong. But I get back to with a longer list, Let me know who you can think of…Oh Aaron Yan and Pets Tseng from Taiwan. I don’t about Pets Tseng’s acting yet because I only saw her in Moon River but she has a beautiful voice.

Why did I forget So Ji Sub, my favorite krapper. How could I forget.

Mine is Donghae from Super Junior. I discovered him in Panda and Hedgehog (one of my favorite dramas).

For me, Seo In Guk is a very good actor and singer.

I didn’t realize Seo In Guk could sing. Just checked him out on You tube. I’ve liked him since Master’s Sun. I think as he is getting closer to 30 he getting really handsome.


Jung Yong Hwa. Some people are hard on his acting because his shows are not high ratings but he can act, sing, can move, rap, produce, compose, and play the guitar and piano. Yeah, I only have seen 1 music video of Seo In Guk but I liked what I saw. I know there are a few more but I just can’t think of them right now.


Seo In Guk was a singer before acting.

For Master’s Sun, he sang “No matter what” : https://youtu.be/SRCfekJ3ynM