Favorite Christmas music or movie?


Yes, it’s a classic! A feel-good movie for the holidays.


I can only support you there, For all that has already been written

Actually it is not a Christmas movie
But we have been showing it on Christmas Eve for decades



today I finally watched that silent night movie yep thats the one I watched, and course I cried. as for all those movies I have watched them every yeqr, and plan to watch them again this year


Irs a wonderful life!


Thank you for this thread - I love it!

One of my favourite songs for the season is this Christmas Lights by Coldplay:


For those of you who enjoy cello music:


Oh gosh, that calls for good old times, Wham and the British and Ella with “Drei Nüsse für Aschenbrödel”, the piano score is an ear worm and the movie one of my all time favorite!

There is also Mrazik or Father Frost a Russian movie 1964 (Morozko), it is a cute and funny fairy tale, considering how old it is it’s well made and entertaining! There is an English version on YT.

Around Christmas we perhaps wish also for peaceful times worldwide and I can only think of John Lennon’s song: Happy Christmas, War is Over

And this one my kids loved to watch but I think this story is for the ageless it’s cute and without any words understandable, btw it’s narrated by David Bowie (u r still missed),
The Snowman, animated short movie of 1982 with really nice music:

And lastly is the quite known and funny the Christmas Story:


one kpop song:
EXO- First Snow

favourite (Christian)numbers:
Bella, Aerie Camp ft. Jeremy Camp- Behold (this one is really sweet)

for those having a hard time this Christmas:


oh come on ! y’all didn’t add home alone!!!


Greatest Christmas movie ever !! :joy: :santa:


and loved it! got it on my list to watch later


“The Gift of the Magi”, I think is probably one of the best Christmas stories. Here is a song titled “The Gift” which also is very beautiful.


wasn’t there an animated one with this title? heres one, the christmas magi, , the chrismas gift, the angel, gosh don’t remember the title, do you hear what I hear, BIng Crosby, What child is this? and so many more, what about that christmas train, animated of course but was so good!

It was called the christmas angel, and of all things it was about a hand me down doll. beautiful story if you ever get to see it


I just finished the Christmas Angel, an amazing story!


Movie: Die Hard and (Christmas)Vacation

Christmas Album: Jackson 5 :heart_eyes:


I miss listening to the orchestra performances and watching the ballet performances for The Nutcracker. My daughter performed in the Nutcracker with a ballet company for 7 years and her twin brother joined for 3 years when they were younger. Both of them were also members of the school and the community orchestra, as well as their older brother. One year, both their school orchestra and the community orchestra decided to perform the Nutcracker Suite for their holiday performance. Needless to say, that year I ended up listening and watching many performances (and rehearsals) of The Nutcracker.


I make it a tradition to watch this so-bad-it’s-good made-for-TV special around this time every year.


People outside the ESC scene may not know him ( Daði og Gagnamagnið, “Think about things”):


For movies, the original Miracle on 34th Street, It’s a Wonderful Life, The Preacher’s Wife (1996 or 1947,) A Christmas Story and In our house, the best Christmas movie is Die Hard.

I love all things EXO so Miracles in December as mentioned above is a favorite. I also really like Where’s the Line to see Jesus.


Tom Chapling performed Midnight mass on a talkshow and I really liked it: