Favorite K-Drama Mom

No one can replace my mom but there are some really cool moms in the dramas. Who is your favorite?

I luv Baek Seung-Jo’s mom: pizza at school, paparazzo, snacks for studying!!! I also like the mom in Heirs because she works so hard like my mom and makes me want to work and get her out of the maid’s room.

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Although I hated “Playful kiss” I loved the mom there! I also loved the mom in “heirs”, “Two weeks” and I think I’m done with those ones, you know, mostly in k dramas “moms” are usually really evil :open_mouth: :’(

OMG… @papercrane, you’ve created a tricky title. Of course I do love my mom. My fave mom’s character is Jang Hye Sung’s mom in ‘I hear your voice’… love the relationship between mother & daughter in this drama.


Oh YESS!! I forgot that mom! I loved her too

I loved the mom in ‘Reply 1997’ she always had me laughing. She reminded me of how my mother and I act when we spend time together. And, I can’t leave out all of those silly arguments between her and the father… They had me every episode!

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Wow, what a waste of my life clicking this LOL

The mother in Reply 1994 and 1997 (which is the same actress) Love her!!!

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the girl mom in i hear your voice

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Haha, have you seen the step mom in Shining Inheritance? She was EVIL!