Favorite korean singer?

Thank you for making me discover him :slight_smile: I love his voice and type of music too! I also love Hongki <3

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I love Ailee’s voice. Her powerful vocals are so different from other girls. I also love Sunggyu and Woohyun from Infinite. Sunggyu’s voice is emotional and sweet and Woohyun’s is deep and full of power. The first three songs are Sunggyu (60 Seconds MV, Only Tears live performance and a funny cut from Ranking King).
Woohyun-Immortal Songs 2 (ended up winning against Hongki with this song; I was happy for Woohyun but sad for Hongki). Starts at 1:11.
Woohyun and Sunggyu- Immortal Songs 2 (click the link in the video if it doesn’t work)
Woohyun singing Dreaming from Dream High OST at Music Bank in Jakarta.

I cant really say I like them all

OMG…Ali. First name I thought of when I saw the question. Her performance of Unaware of the World on Immortal Songs 2 was incredible. Also love Jonghyun of Shinee as well as Onew. Xiah Junsu in his musicals. Hongki and Sandeul. Guess you can tell I like powerful voices.

@reflorescence “Special” by Lee Hi is my favorite. Lee Hi definitely has a great voice.

I also enjoy Jay Park @jrmoney12 bc he does have the overall package.

My favorites are Crush and Zion T. They’re amazing and have an RnB vibe

Definitely Ailee and Baek Ji Young :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Jaejoong and So Ji Sub

forgot Ailee

I have to add I am enjoying Ailee, K.Will, 4Men, Lee Seung Gi, Kwon Ji Ah. These are just vocalists I enjoy. I have bands I like but I wouldn’t add them to this list.

Thanks just listened to K.Will, 4Men Kwon Ji Ah. I hadn’t heard them before. Good. How could I have forgotten about Lee Seung Gi. Such a sweet voice.