Favorite korean singer?

My favorite korean singer is Ali … what about you ?:slight_smile:


Jaejoong :heart:
(and basically All DB5K member)

For not idol: Jung Dongha, Yim Jae Bum,

My favourite korean singer is Choi Seung Hyun (aka T.O.P) and Big Bang in general.
I also really love BAP (most Yong Guk) and SHINee (Key <3 )

I love Lee Min Ho, Kim Hyun Joong, and EXO too

C’mon… I love a lot of singer xD

Agree with all of them haha @elizabethkudo you can list all of them :slight_smile:

Baek Ji Young is my favo


It would be too difficult and it would spend a lot of time XDD

My favorite Korean singer is The One. He has a very soulful and awesome voice. I’m considered him as one of the greatest singer of all time. His voice is beautiful and will move a woman to tears. Here a Hint for the men. Play his songs for the lady iny our life and you will get numerous hugs.

My vote goes for Jay park lol. I mean the dude can rap,sing,dance and he is a great entertainer :slight_smile:

My favorite korean singer is Tifany (Girls Generation).

As of now, it would be Jung Yong Hwa(CNBlue). His voice is versatile. I like Onew(SHINEE) & Hongki(FT Island) as well.


There are so many good singers! I am really liking K-Will lately. I enjoy his style and the kind of pseudo-retro groove he brings as well as his smooth voice. I also really like Woohyun from Infinite.


K-will is my favorite singer lately ! He’s awesome i love his voice

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Roy Kim bae

Me too! His voice is so smooth.

In Kpop, my favourite are Jung Yonghwa, Lee Jonghyun, (Cn Blue), Lee Hongki and Lee Jaejin (Ft Island)

But in Kmusic : I love Kim Kwang Seok, I’m sad that I didnt know him when he was alive. His songs give me a lot of emotions !

Kim Jong Wan (Nell) is my favourite. One of the most emotional singers I’ve ever heard. His voice is just amazing and he’s an awesome composer and lyricist.




I love Jung Yong Hwa (CNBLUE), Lee Hong Ki (FT Island), Lee Soo (MC The Max) and Yim Bae Bum too !

K-will. What a voice this man has

i love lee hi. she has a really unique voice for kpop and her style of music is just so soul-y and great.

I love her song Rose !

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I have lots of favorites ^^
Maybe the first who brought me to tears was Kim Jinho of SG Wannabe,
it’s true TVXQ members all have awesome voices especially Junsu and Changmin for me. (I’m excluding rappers since they’re not singers><)
Ailee’s voice rocks but I believe she’ll do even better with more experience, in my opinion her covers are better than her own songs.
The One, Kim Bada, Ali, Davichi, Kim Jongseo, Moon Myung Jin, Lee Hi, Sandeul, HongKi, Spica, Mamamoo have truly great voices too. <3