Favorite OSTs

I thought that it would awesome to make list of favorite OSTs from K-drama’s. Some of the tv shows I haven’t watched yet but I love their OST. I will add more and more as I remember. I also invite you too, to list your favorite OSTs from drama’s below.

*I also apologize for any misspellings or typos

Madame Antoine OST Part 3 - GB9 - Because it hurts everyday

Cunning Lady OST - GB9 and U Sung Eun - Really Love You

Moonlovers - Scarlet Heart Ryeo OST Part 11- Jung Seung Hwan - Wind

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon OST Part 6 - VROMANCE ft Obroject- I fall in love

Suspicious Partner OST Part 3 - Ra.D - The Same Day

Healer OST - BEN - It’s you

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo OST Part 1 - Kim Jong Wan (Nell) - You and I

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo OST Part 5 - Standing Egg- I’ll pick you up

Temperature of Love OST Part 4 - Bonggu- It Has To Be You

Temperature of Love OST Part 5 - Stella Jang - Let me love you

Queen for Seven Days OST Part 4 - Jungiggo - Miss you in my heart

Where Stars Land OST Part 6 - Yoo Yeon Jung - Stay With You

About Time OST Part 3 - Hui (PENTAGON)- Maybe

About Time OST Part 4 - Mackelli- Tears Flow

About Time OST Part 5 - Hong Dae Kwang- My Room

Touch your heart OST Part 5 - Jeong Sewoon - Goodnight

Just Between Lovers OST Part 1- Zitten - Opening my eyes

Just Between Lovers OST Part 3 - Ra.D - Just missing you

Goblin OST Part 6 - Sam Kim - Who Are You

Goodbye to Goodbye OST Part 3 - Jun - Because it’s you

Touch your Heart OST Part 7 - 1415 - Photograph

Thirty but Seventeen OST Part 2- Hyolyn- Just Stay

Mr. Sunshine OST Part 9 - O3ohn - Shine your star

While you were sleeping OST Part 9 - Lee Jongsuk - Come to me

While you were sleeping OST Part 12 - Lee Jongsuk- Will you know

Wednesday 3:30 pm OST Part 4 - Jukjae - Let’s go to the stars

Jealousy Incarnate OST Part 2 - Ra.D - Lovesome

Jealousy Incarnate OST Part 5 - SALTNPEPPER- Bye, Autumn

The King in Love OST Part 8 - OLIVER- Miss You


There are already two threads about this. Would you like to add your list there instead, and delete this thread, so that it’s not too scattered?

Hi irmar, oh I didn’t even realise that there was a thread on OSTs already. Thank you for letting me know. I think I might just leave my list here. People haven’t posted on the list since 2015. I also wanted to make a list where you can simply click and play the ost. So I think I might just stay here.


Undateables OST Part 4 - Huh Gak - If not you

I´m cleaning and suddenly (it´s midsummer this weekend) I heard this and have to share with you… I love the series UMVA
Until We Meet Again | Thailand | Drama | Watch with English Subtitles & More ✔️
I have never heard it in English before…
Until We Meet Again (Ost. Until We Meet Again the Series) - YouTube
and the version in Thai.
[Official MV] โชคดีแค่ไหน Ost.Until we meet again (ด้ายแดง) - รวมนักแสดงด้ายแดง - YouTube

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