What's your favorite K-drama OST?


which ost do you like the most or from which drama do you like the ost very much :slight_smile:
you can also write the singer you like the most:)

Favorite OSTs

Right now I’m loving the “I hear your voice” ost, and “Master’s Sun” :smile: I also can’t get enough of “To the Beautiful You” ost.
What are your faves?


i like the ost of "Master´s Sun " too and i love carry on - Ali from Faith :slight_smile: @Luna_Lights


Master’s Sun OST is awesome! I love the primary song Touch Love by Yoon Mi Rae. That show made me a fan of hers now :slight_smile:


Oh! Also Monstar and Shut Up Flower Boy Bands are too if you’re into K-POP like that.


I love the ost of kdramas, so at the moment i just listen korean and i dont know if its normal haha @AJ_Smilez @Luna_Lights


I can’t say it is my fav but I really liked the ost of Dream High


My favorite OSTs are from City Hunter and The Great Doctor/Faith. But…the OST from Queen In-hyun’s Man is pretty awesome too!


@KaeTee omg totally forgot city hunter and queen in-hyun´s man … loveeee city hunter i am totally in love with suddenly .


City Hunter and Queen In-hyun’s Man are my favorite dramas too. I love the action scenes and the comedy in City Hunter, but the love story in Queen In-hyun’s Man turns me to Jello!


Although it’s a movie and not a series, the OST to Speed Scandal/Scandal Makers is truly amazing.


Segret garden - 4men reason
lie to me - You Are My Love – Kim Yeon Woo
Protect The Boss OST - Let Us Just Love - Apink
Baby faced Beauty - Kim Sung Hyun -So Sick


Lately, these are my fave soundtracks that I play over and over:
From Ost. IHYV: Jung Yup - Why Did You Just Come Now.
Ost. Panda & The Hedgehog : KRY of Super Junior - Loving You
Ost.Spring Waltz : Loveholic - One Love
Ost.Love Rain: Na Yoon Kwon - Love is Like Rain
Ost.Full House: Lim Jung Hee - Geu Deh Ji Geum
Ost.Cheongdam Dong Alice: Baek A Yeon- Daddy Long Legs
Ost. School 2013 : Kim Bo Kyung - Don’t Think You’re Alone
Ost.Invicible Lee Pyung Kang: F(X) Krystal & Luna - Hard but Easy.


I think it’s normal! I’ve gotten into listening to a lot of Korean singers and groups too. (I definitely get judged by my roommates lol)


I am from Germany and the simple fact that ich watch kdramas is weird for my friends, soooo i know what you mean haha:) @AJ_Smilez


This K-Drama addiction has led me to listening to Korean music too. It’s also led me to learn to make some Korean food. I’ve become pretty adept at making kimbap; it doesn’t take long and my son really likes it!


OOH! I want some!!!
Seriously though, I know exactly how you feel. I’ve seriously decided that I definitely will be making my way to Korea at some point. Maybe to vacation and explore for a week, maybe to join a work program for a year or 2, who knows? Since I’ve started watching K-dramas and what not, I’ve been fascinated with the culture. Of course, I know that all of S. Korea isn’t K-POP bands, karaoke bars and fashion (of course) and no, life is not life a TV show, however, I will say that these shows have peaked my interest and opened up a metaphorical window to me of a whole new way of life. Growing up as a very Americanized child, of course I’ve always been aware that other places existed, but unless something is right in your face, it’s too easy to put it out of your mind as somewhere you’d never even really dream of going. In the pass 6 years though, I’ve done some much traveling that I cant even remember all of the countries and islands that I’ve been too, but Asia has yet to make my list and exploring places that you’d never even given a second thought to in the past and then one day it’s like “BAM! In your face!” Really excites me. I’ve been doing my research in the mean time :slight_smile:


City Hunter: Suddenly
Secret Garden: That man
Boys Over Flowers: What should I do
<3 <3


Secret Garden OST - Reason, That Man, That Woman, You’re My Everything, You are My Spring, Appear (and many more…)
Lie To Me OST - I belong to You, You’re My Love, Walking on The Cloud, Amutgodo (Nothing), Shameless Lie
Boys Before Flowers OST - Paradise
Master’s Sun OST - Driving Me Crazy, Touch Love, All About
Oh Dal Ja’s Spring OST - To You Mine

These are pretty much what is in my car’s cd player at the moment. Even my kids can sing along now hahaha…


heart stringggg
specially the CNblue group vicalist jung yong hwaa