Feedback on dilemma Please read and give opinion

So I went to add a comment to my review for She and Her perfect husband and found my review had been removed from public saying it was inappropriate. Here is my review.

First, if the episode is up and subtitles are not ready, do not put in the timed comments, “subtitles please”. Be patient like the rest of us and wait. :slight_smile: With that said:
Love the chemistry of these two!! Love the writing, drama, and comedy! Looking forward to seeing more!.
Do you feel it is inappropriate? I tried to click on it to edit and it would not let me.
How do I contact Viki if every time it says that Somethings gone wrong…error message.
Suggestions. Ok I finally found a way to get the help center. Hopefully I can get this resolved.
If you find what I said inappropriate, please tell me and tell me why so I can avoid it in the future.



You were most likely automatically censored by the system for using the word “subtitles”.

Try just posting your second part of the review.


Looks like viki needs to block the same list of words on the timed comments too.


I had the same problem at some point last year. How idiotic that people cannot comment on simple things without getting penalized.

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This is likely as bozoli said, BUT, I see the “subtiles pls” in Portuguese or Spanish wordings all the time… they aren’t removed… through the filter…

Overall a review should indeed be about the drama or movie…


Just post a new review with the above info, “the second part”

It will not let me do anything. No one can see it but that bothers me because I do not think it is inappropriate. Oh well.


It will not let me do anything. I thought I would just do another review.

Yea I wanted to add to it more about the drama but now I cannot sadly.

Try it again in a few days. The restriction might be temporary.


I see it on your profile, but without the exact date you posted it, I can’t find it as a stand alone review.

It is not, but reviews are meant to focus on the show, not anything else.
The date of your review, from your profile’s review, was 11/25/2022, but I have yet to see it under the show’s review section. Hey! You got 5 thumbs up, so it’s seems it’s the system blocking your review. Ummm. . . I just gave your review a thumbs up from your profile page.

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I read the guidelines again and here is the reason why it got deleted

Be relevant. Only write about the content of the show; any subtitle availability or technical feedback is not a review and is subject to removal.

If you’d like to start a new conversation or ask a question about the show, use the comments section instead. The Reviews feature does not support replies

There is nothing in detail about a ban, so for more information there might be no other way but to write a request at the help center.


Keyword: Translations :joy::joy: They’ve got me in the pen for it :woman_shrugging:t5::rofl::joy: Even though I still had the edit button on the second try, I was already penned.:crazy_face:

What is sad is that if it’s automatic, even if a review just says “the translation was really good, my compliments” or “the subtitles were excellent”, it will still be deemed as suspect. So we won’t even get the positive ones!
But it doesn’t happen automatically. In every show I am in, I have to manually report such reviews that talk about the subtitles being late. They get hidden after X number of reports, I’m told (maybe three?) and I don’t know what it takes to refuse or remove them.


If 3 people flag a review, it disappears.


It’s not an AI deciding if the review is a complaint or compliment.

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If what you say is true, our comments on Team Discussions wouldn’t be held for moderation because we wrote “Episode 3 English editing complete, but there is a subtitle missing at 13:05”. A human would know we are not sub-whiners, just volunteers trying to communicate with other team members.


Thanks you are the best!! I did not know it would be in my profile!! LOL
I will go there and see if I can update it!!

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Yea but it only got one thumbs down and 5 thumbs up, After leerla73 it may be 8 thumbs up :slight_smile:

So went to my profile and tagged on see all. Went to edit and deleted it. So… not sure if I will leave a comment or not. I am mostly watching it on Youtube anyway cause it is quicker. I just like Viki better when it comes to subtitles.
Thanks everyone for the feedback!!

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