Filter Bug in the Explore Page?

I stumbled on an On-Air drama called “Gourmet in Tang Dynasty” when I was digging around using the search function. I was surprised to see it because it wasn’t on the Explore Page when I used the “On-Air” filter.

After fiddling around, I realized that the show was missing when the “Popular- This Week”(default) and “Popular- All Time” sub-filters were selected. It shows up only if I manually change the filter to “New” or “Highly Rated”.

Do you all see the same thing?

Filter - popular this week and coming soon - I have 41 shows, switching to -new - I have 61 shows
Anyway, the filter never satisfied me that much.
Recently I tried MDL’s recommendation, show suggestions depending on liking another drama, and I was surprised of how many dramas are at Viki I have never “seen”.
Back to - on air and new - yes, it’s there in the first place, nonetheless.


I know, right?

My main reason for making a topic out of this is that it’ll be pretty hard for certain shows to get volunteers if some shows are hidden when you use default settings. I keep “stumbling” upon shows when I play with the search feature or on MDL.


There are at least four different bugs happening atm. At least that I know of. All relatively minor, but still, could be a sign of something deeper and more serious.