Finale! 49 Days With A Merman! - Tonight - Thursday, May 12 @ 9:30 PM ET, 8:30 CT, 7:30 MT, 6:30 PT


NEW - Join us for this 2 or 3-day ROMP!49 Days with a Merman” It is hilarious!

A teen finds a merman at the beach and brings him home to chill in his giant bathtub. That merman is HUNGRY! :laughing: :fork_knife_plate:

Link TBA next Wednesday, May 11 and Thursday, May 12 - 9:30 PM ET, 8:30 PM CT, 7:30 PM MT, 6:30 PM PT
There are only 14 episodes of 25 minutes each so it will finish in 2 or 3 days. Watch Parties with fellow Viki fans!


oooooooh can’t wait watch a new drama


Reminder! TONIGHT! The Premiere of 49 Days With A Merman!
7:30 PM Mountain Time!



i forget it requires a pass may i ask for a screen share lol thanks for hosting sensei and have fun enjoy a look at the handsome merman


Ok Peeps! Tonight, can we get through the last 8 episodes? They are only 25 minutes each!
The show starts at 7:30 PM Mountain Time!

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