Find a drama

Hello everyone! I’m looking for a show. I just remember a scene that mark me!!

A woman usually take care of her father, who has alzeheimer or something like that, but her brother talk to their father because he want his sister having a life, so then their father commited suicide.

She and the police found a lot of years later the body of her father. He was very near to the place they use to live

Hi, again!
I just wrote to you that one comment in one post is sufficient. In addition, we are told not to multiply already existing threads. You already found two (edit: three) existing ones, so posting a new one, was not really necessary.
In the future, I hope you can consider this in the future. Thank you.

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I think that drama is “Sell your haunted house”.

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It is one of her cases, right.

Yes, it was somewhere in the middle of the drama, around ep 7, I guess.

What drama is this?
It’s interesting.

It’s two dramas because the girl with the skeleton is from but that one doesn’t have a historical side (it does, but it only goes back about 30 years if I remember well?)

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Oh! Thank you.
And the historic one is different. I thought both are same.
The one in periodic scenes is wan peng.