Find Me in Your Memory OST

Since I’ve become obsessed with Find Me in Your Memory, I feel the need to post about it, like constantly. Ehh… Have I told you just how great it is? Is anyone else watching it? Since it’s a KOCOWA/Plus Pass title, sadly not many have access to it, but I’m hopeful VIKI will release it in other regions as well. For now, allow me to share with you the drama’s delectable OST. I’ll keep updating it as more songs become available.

Jooyoung - My Today Meets Your Today

Solji (EXID) - One Day

Yang Pa - A Memory in My Heart

SURAN - Two People

VICTON - While My Memories Are Asleep


I saw Jooyoung and I didn’t hesitate to listen to the song. Thank you for sharing!

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Not just the show, but the songs keep getting better too. :notes::sparkling_heart:

Thanks <3 i love it

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Yes I have been watching it. first couple of episodes I didn’t care for much, but I kept on watching. Yes it is a fanticy that is very good cant wait for the next episode.

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Coucou ! J’ai adoré cette série et j’ai sélectionné pleins de musiques géniales mais une seule reste introuvable ! Elle revient plusieurs fois pourtant ! Celle au tout début de l’épisode 13 ou à la toute fin du 14 … Merci d’avance si quelqu’un à le titre !

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