Finish the lyrics

Finish the lyrics game. Let’s know and remember many different songs

The first one is
ABCDEFG I wanna tell you my

“… code. Eight letters is all it takes”

Is it CASE 143 by SKZ? It’s the only song that comes to mind with those lyrics.

My song:
“Maybe we could be slow dancing until the morning”

Ya you are true

We could be romantic the night away
I don’t wanna cheet you so I am telling you I was knowing it is slow dancing by our winter bear but I was not knowing the perfect lyrics so I searched it

I guess your bias from BTS is v right

I guess this one would be hard

Be writter,the gener is fantasy.

And another is

You and I

But not Harley’s in hawai.Both are k-pop and of same group


Yes but no. I can never decide between V and JK

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Me too but right now I am a little bit sad because now they are going to the army