Finished! Oath Of Love -


We are going to fangirl and Binge over Xiao Zhan in The Oath of Love!

9:30 ET / 8:30 CT / 7:30 MT

Our host is Trang! She will post the link on show day!


ok ready to go


I’m ready for this one! :blush:


Oath Of Love starts at 7:30 PM MT TONIGHT! - Thursday, March 31!

@Everyone else


I will catch the next one, I watched it with some French people up[ to episode 5, very interesting. but let me know when the next one is on and I will be there, and the right time too!!


Tonight! Oath of Love 9:30 ET, 8:30 CTG, 7:30 MT, 6:30 PT


@everyone else!



i so ready for this watch party see you all there :smile:


Aww… I want to join you all but I can’t. I will be with you all in my thoughts. Whoever is on the fence, please join them if you can. This is a wonderful C-drama. A GEM!:star_struck::heart_eyes::sunglasses:


Oath of Love On now!

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I am still tired by 9:30 PM, so watch parties are still off my schedule.

I am taking a blood pressure med at night that is better than melationin. I do not have high blood pressure; the med lowers my BP even more to enable my heart (most likely affected by COVID) to gete stronger. That process, my cardiologist assures me, will take another six months or so.

Life is not fair!


Meanwhile, I am doing well enough during the daytime that I am no longer falling asleep at 11:30 AM every morning. I am going to start doing ASC subs again if that is OK. I have missed those naive hopefuls.


Oath of Love -
EP 24 & 25 - Wednesday, May 4th
EP 26 & 27 - Thursday, May 5th
EP 28 & 29 - Wednesday, May 11 - FINALE

Links TBA on show day


Oath of Love TOnight - ON NOW!
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