Fire TV Stick - can't connect to server ...yet again!

This seems to happen whenever there has been a software update? Not sure if there has been one lately, but I can’t get anything to load at all and just get the “something went wrong” message.

I don’t like to come here complaining, but this is a paid-for service after all and if it is indeed caused by another software update, then please test these things properly first? Thanks


For technical issues, the help center should be your first choice.

But maybe your problem is mentioned here:


Thanks for the links. After a lot of messing around installing and uninstalling I managed to get it to work, but there own support page is not even correct!

I thought I needed to update the app to 2.9.0 by Jan17th 2022, but in fact the version on my FireTv is 2.19.3 so completely different to what they mention. And 2.19.3 is the latest version you can get on the app store from Amazon so god knows what Viki are talking about on their support page?

Cheers for your help


Can you really stream Viki via a Fire stick?

I was under the impression that you could only access Viki on your phone/tablet or a PC.

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Yeah it is where I first discovered the app to be honest. I just wish they would make an app for the Xbox/PS5 as well.

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Hello! I have a fire stick on my tv and I watch Viki shows a ALL the time using it. It’s not Viki, it’s the stick. It’s internal index is messed up and maybe the cache needs to be cleared. It has a small memory capacity that needs to be flushed now and then. Just reboot the darned thing.

Go to settings. (gear on far right)
Select My Fire TV
select Restart
Then highlight Restart and press that round ‘select’ button on the stick. It will reboot the stick.
Test Viki now. It should work fine.

Technical note: The firestick has internal memory and a ‘keep alive’ function. Sometimes the internal pointers or indexes get ‘lost’ and can’t find the origin point to search from. A reboot resets it to standard function again. You will not lose your shows by restarting the stick.

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I have so many problems with the stick and the app… and i am getting tired of the viki advice they give. Nothing helps

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So this is happening yet again. I know @porkypine90_261 had some suggestions last time, but I always try all that stuff before coming here to ask.

As usual, nothing works. The app loads up but then you get the connect to server failure. Anyone else? I’m assuming there has been another update to the app that isn’t working as intended as that seems to be what has happened in the past. Thanks

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@mrbungle85_573 have you made any changes to your Viki profile?

In my experience this issue occurs whenever changes are made to my Viki profile. When this error occurs. I have to clear the app data on both my android TV device and fire TV stick and then login to the app again after clearing the app data , whereas on the mobile version of the app (android phone and tablet) . The app will just kick me out and asked me to login again

I think when you first login. The app pulls some data from your Viki profile and holds it in device storage and if there is ever a mismatch between the data that’s in your Viki profile and the data that on the device you’re using, then the app throws a wobbly and for some reason in the case of the large screen TV apps don’t have the ability to ask you to login again when there is a mismatch in this data.

I’m a little late with the reply but yes. I’ve been streaming Viki with my Fire stick for over a year without many problems. I totally cut the cord about two years ago and am much happier.

Porky, you are completely correct. I’ve been using Firestick for a few years now with very few problems. I do have to regularly go in (on my older Firesticks) and clear the cache to free up memory. (I don’t find that I need to do that so much on my newer Firestick because it has more memory). Also, Firesticks do have a habit of slightly overheating. Sadly, I had one of my newer ones ‘eat its pigs’ around the end of last year. There is a work-around for this by adding a jump (flash) drive contraption but I’ve been getting by for now. :wink: I know some of the overheating problem in my case is from binge-watching. :frowning:

I have since the new update weeks ago no problems anymore. Let’s see how long it’s last.

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