First drama


What was the first drama you’ve ever watched? I guess everyone here is a strong fan of Asian dramas, so what was the first drama that caught your attention to Asian drama?

How did you discover k-drama?

Honestly, I can’t remember the first kdrama that I ever watched because when I first started watching kdramas, I would start one then start a different one and so on without finishing any of them (awful habit that I sometimes still have). However, the first kdrama that I ever finished was W - Two Worlds. It also caught my attention the most at the time.

I haven’t watched any Jdramas (I like anime and manga, though), and I only just started Cdramas. The Cdrama I’m watching (my first one) is Accidentally in Love.


Well, I don’t remember exactly the first, maybe Ice Fantasy. If it was not the first, was in the first 5, I think. It was definitely the first Asian drama that I did a marathon to see, so many episodes. People at home went crazy with me… it was around 2016.


“House of Bluebird” and “Pinocchio”
I’m not sure which one was the first, maybe Bluebird. On YT.
But before that I had watched several KBS Drama Specials. I still love them.
Under the Pinocchio video, in the comments, someone was lamenting that the next episode had been deleted from YT, so a kind soul suggested going on Viki. Well the rest is history…


I was already into anime (the first one I watched subbed, not dubbed was Tsubasa chronicles, watched dubbed versions before that) and started watching Japanese movies.

Then, researching one of the anime themes I found out that it was sung by a Korean band (I was already familiar with Korean music), so I looked up Korean dramas and “Personal preference” popped up (it was new and subbed, so why not?) That was the first drama I watched together with my hubby. It was so different and cheesy that we decided to watch another drama, can’t remember which one. And then I saw Queen Seondeok, which was great! Never looked back ^.^

After that started watching more Japanese, Taiwanese and Chinese dramas too.
So, if it wasn’t for that anime, I would’ve found out about Korean dramas much later :smile:


Oops, I forget to mention mine although the post was mine. Oh well.
The first Kdrama I watched was You’re Beautiful. It was broadcast on TV (dubbed) here about six years ago and a song stuck to my head. Almost five years later (last year) I kindly decided to finally check it out (ridiculous timing, I know), went to Youtube, searched for the drama since I had no idea what the songs were called, found the drama, had free time so I started watching, episode 1 dragged me on to episode 2 till I was done :smiley:. A kind person like Irmar’s wrote in the comment section that “if you want to see the second lead with the girl, then go check out Heartstrings.”. Out of curiosity to see what other dramas were like, I searched for it but I couldn’t find that on youtube so Google brought me here. And no need to tell you what happened later since I’m here. :laughing::laughing:


I’m new to asian drama and saw my first drama like maybe a year ago: k-drama Bride of the watergod. Second was c-drama Princess Weiyoung.
I thought they were cute and different from anything else I used to watch so I got a membership here on Viki to view more dramas :slight_smile:


Nobuta wo produce


Well since I am one of the longer time fans of the asian tv/movies and I have already watched more than 500 series and movies I am not sure about the first one.
Perhaps though it was one that came out in 2002 or so because thats then I have started watching them and volunteering in subtitling them.
Then there wasn’t viki yet.


First anime early 80’s, first Chinese movie late 80’s.

Even though there are not always stories that caught my interest it’s something that always used to be a part of my life, even before it got mainstream/hyped like nowadays.

With Korean and Vietnamese it was probably around the millenium (few stories were impressive but for some reasons I forgot the titles and pre internet time was bad for remembering it because I didn’t make watch lists at that time…same with books. If I could change it I’d do paper lists now to have an overview about any story I found impressive for one reason or another, no matter if it’s a movie, a series or a book and no matter in which language it was originally released).

There are certain stories I really really would like to watch or read again but even though we now do have inernet archives I was unable to find every story again :frowning:


The Great Queen Seondeok was the first kdrama I remember watching, probably not too long after it first aired. Now that was an epic.


I didn’t know that. You may be the most veteran in all of Viki, then, since your history dates from before it.


My first drama that I finished was Scarlet Heart: Ryeo. The first Kdrama I saw was Are You Human, Too? when it was airing last year. A friend of mine posted a clip from the drama on Snapchat, and because I couldn’t find any interesting shows on NF at the time, I asked her what that show was, and well, I got pulled into the Asian drama vortex after that :grin: While I was waiting for the next episodes, I found SHR on YT and I finished it before AYHT?

:open_mouth: Wow! That’s amazing, your dedication to the dramas/movies is rather inspiring. I’ve only finished 62 kdramas so far–I have along way to go :smiley:


Even though I’ve watched a lot of dramas (I can’t count them…), I will never forget the very first one that hooked and shakened me. It was Boys over Flowers. I was a fan of US series and searching a new serie on the web, I fell on that drama. I didn’t know the asian dramaworld. But since that first drama, I became an asian dramas addict.


I have searched my list of watched dramas and movies and I have realised I have been watching asian movies way back 2000. However, from 2001 and after I have been watching more consistently. Perhaps my first ones that made me so addicted from then on and keep on watching one after the other were
Il mare,My sassy girl from S.Korea Beautiful life,hero from Japan, Meteor garden from Taiwan, and decided to help in subtitling them as well, so I have found some fansubbing teams to volunteeer my time. (I was editor and qcor for the English translation then). After viikii was created and darksmurf as well and crowdsubtitling became the norm and our fansubbing teams decided to stop subbing due to the fact that fans were asking for faster releases and started to cmpare our work with the crowdsubtitling subs that came out only hours from the airing of an episode and we felt that we werent needed anymore then I started volunteering in viki and started translating into my language. And somehow 19 years are already passed. How time is flying is unbelievable…


Hello, Tweet! I don’t recall the first drama I ever watched; however, one of the earliest was The King and the Clown with the incredibly talented Lee Joon Gi. I’m not usually one to re-watch shows, but this was one of the two; the second one being Good Doctor.

Cheers! :clinking_glasses: