First Impression about " QC's VIKI Pass"

What is your first impression about that ?
For me, it’s really cool !
And yeah… NO ADS !!


Awesome sh*t :smiley:

Only one word…AWESOME!!! Thanks Viki


Thank you very much Viki !!!


Thanks Viki! :smiley:

Thank you so much Viki! I was getting annoyed becasue of the advertisment recently, now it is wonderful. And of course it motivates me to help and and subtitle more :smiley:

I’m happy about this too. But I do have one thing to say on the negative side. I’ve seen a lot of segmenting that is very poorly done. Once they’ve reached the number of segments to qualify they are given QC status quite easily. This creates a lot of problems for others to clean up after them. I hope there will be a way to avoid this kind of situation since more will likely try to reach QC status now.


I like it but I still see a sponsored ad on each page, is that normal? It’s not annoying though but it’s supposed to be ad free? And it seems that all profiles have Vikipass now? Well all profiles I did visit had it and some where not QC’s and new to Viki. If everyone has that icon next to their name how can we see we have ‘premium’ or whatever? But anyway thanks Viki :slight_smile:

This is the ad:


I love it too, but like bjohnsonwong said won’t this attract a lot more abusers? People making random subtitles or segments just to get to the amount needed for QC status. I hope the requirements to become QC will become a bit harder, like no requesting it yourself (have a moderator or channel manager nominate you or something like that) And like dudie said, I’ve seen the vikipass on all profiles I’ve seen today, and a lot of those were new users or old ones, with no QC status and zero subtitles/segments.


Yep, i’ve just noticed that !
At the beginning, i tought that this free pass for us QC’s was created to shows a little limit between QC’s (who participating at most for the expansion of the site) and the others users but if everyone has that pass… I’m not saying’ that they don’t have the right to have this pass, just that majority of QC’s deserve it.

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Yep is very cool , I used to get 3 adds in one dot, So is the best thing. Thank you Viki

I love the Viki Pass! I was getting so annoyed by the ads that would interrupt the very cutesy or emotional scenes. But now I can watch it with no interruptions and its great, really. Thanks, Viki!

I also think that QC status should be a little harder to get now that the Viki Pass has been put into place. Since there are a lot of abusers, I think channel managers or moderators should be the ones to recommend new QCs, since they will know if the person has been doing a good job, or typing false subtitles or random segments. It would be kinda annoying to see that we worked so diligently for our channels, even though we didn’t expect to get the ad-free pass in return, while others get the pass after adding bad segments/subs.


AWESOME, really just awesome
those ads were so maddening , really really maddening
every 9 minutes 2 commercials
with the sucky internet which I have
I had the joy of seeing them 6 times >~<

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I’m with you MusicROSE, I’ve even got 3 ads for one break (one dot), let alone those 7 dots or more for popular show. Yay!!!..I’m doing my happy dance once I got my Vikipass. It’s super duper awesome! You’re awesome Viki.

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I been waiting for this moment no ads yes I think because of all the ads I could of done commercials I knew them from memory since it was the same one over and over

Love it too! It’s fantastic to watch dramas without commercials. ^.^ Thanks Viki! <3

I’m soooooooooo happy! Thank you Viki!!!

i feel loved haha.

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I was just granted QC & the VIKIPASS today, I am not sure who to thank, so I just wanted to just say I love that my work was well worth it! Thank you viki! I will keep working harder to bring quality subs/& any other contributions to Viki! <3 <3

Yeah, that’s normal but you can install an extension in google chrome for block all the ads of the website (not the ads from the videos) it is really useful…