First J-Drama, Favorite J-Drama, Favorite on Viki?


Post here with your first J-Drama, your favorite J-Drama, and your favorite Japanese show on Viki!

First: Hana yori dango [“Boys Over Flowers”]

Favorite: Hanako to Ann

This NHK asadora is based on the real life story of the Japanese woman who translated Anne of Green Gables into Japanese. This is one of my favorite TV shows of all time! (hint hint, Viki licensers!)

Favorite on Viki: My Long Awaited Love Story

I might be a bit biased since I helped subtitle this Christmas special, but it is one of my favorite Japanese shows on Viki. For shows I did not help with, my favorite Viki J-drama is probably Overprotected Kahoko since it is so inventive and breaks from the usual mold of a lot of shows.

Curious to hear from all of you!

Favorite on Viki: