First openly gay Korean vocalist had his debute some days ago

Hi there. I found a new Korean vocalist some days ago called “Holland” and was curious about other people’s thoughts about him, so I want to know what you are thinking.

First of all: Yes I looked up the thoughts of other people on Youtube, but those people mostly quoted that his voice was just “meh” or “oh the gay kiss is so cute…” and so I don’t really saw anything that was like a real opinion on him.

My thoughts of it are that even if other people don’t like his voice and hate him for certan reasons, mostly because he is gay, I don’t know what they are all up to, cause I really like this song he debuted with and he is really though and strong in the point that he clearly said that he is gay, because Korea is stupid in the point that they can’t really accept gay people… So this is no wonder why I sometimes notice that Korean people show that they can get along with gay men and lesiban woman or whatever the people are up to trought music with lyrics like “even if it would be a girl…” or whatever they say in their songs…

Here are some basic informations about him, that I found online:

-Real Name: Taeseob
-Born: March, 4, 1996

People say he made all by himself, what means he had no company who produced him and he was no trainee somewhere, he wrote his songs all alone, he trained himself dancing, he produced his songs, he directed his MV (only someone else was filming) etc.

But even he came from no known company, his MV he released 1 week ago got allready over 4 million views, near to 5 million and this MV has even over 540K thumps up.

So what do you think avbout him? Please let me know in the coments down belove… (ups I wrote like a Youtuber at the end xD)


I’m so happy they are finally opening up to the world. I feel so heartbroken about the one that committed suicide.The song has a nice rhythm but I hope they sub soon to know what is it about. maybe now we’ll see less suicide happening bc they get bullied.

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It’s amazing quality and well-written for someone who created this all by themselves :open_mouth:
I believe homophobia is something we all have to stand up together - to never let people feel bullied, excluded or simple discredit their talent or hard work no matter their background. :heart:

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He’s not the “first gay Korean vocalist” but the first openly gay Korean vocalist. I’m sure there are tons of others in that big Korean closet!

I just wrote a comment under the video. Here it is:

The video is well made, aesthetically pleasing and tasteful. The guy surely has talent. The song is easy to listen to but the melody is a little bit ordinary, repetitive and with no climax. So, “nothing to write home about”, as they say. And the orchestration sounds pre-fabricated, like something that a synthesizer would come up with (but this can be said of many if not most k-pop songs). I’d like him to use dynamics and different instruments to give variety and interest. He also needs to start using his face and body to express emotions and stuff (acting lessons?). As it is, he has the exact same wooden expression in 90% of the video, and in many scenes he just poses as a model. No passion, nothing to engage us. He reminded me a little of Lee Hyun-Woo in “The Liar and his lover” (no, that’s not exactly a compliment).
If it weren’t for the controversy about his sexuality, would the song become a hit? Try playing it to your k-pop loving friends, without telling them anything about the backstory, except that he’s a new songwriter, and see their reaction.
Of course it’s only his first try, so let’s wait and see his next ones.
He does have guts to do something like coming out in a place like Korea. He probably is aiming more towards the international audience. Seeing his strong character, I am confident that he will try to perfect his art and develop all the things he’s somehow lacking right now. If he doesn’t, he might end up as a shooting star. Sincerely wishing him all the best. I know the way ahead won’t be easy.


From top to bottom I thought pretty much the same, like what irmar wrote.

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