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While subbing, I discovered a Korean folktale related to Han Seok Bong’s mother.
I’m pretty interested in folktales in general (I want to tell stories to my nephew :blush:), do you know some folktales or myths & legends from your country or that you heard about?

Share links if you can :slight_smile:

Source: http://www.kimchicrew.com/the-story-of-han-seok-bong/

(A great website I just found if people want to learn Korean! Their website shows many lessons in Korean-English, Korean-Polish, Korean-Vietnamese.

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I have a digital collection (as well as a paper one). How can I send it to you? Google? Wetransfer?

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Thanks, Irmar! :heart_eyes_cat:
I’m sending you my gmail. Just send via the one that takes less time to upload.

Fairly recently, in an episode of Suits, when Lawyer Choi looses a bet to Lawyer Chae and poor Miss Hong is the thing they bet on, she mentions she is no Shimchong.

I looked it up, and it’s this tale:


I would also love to know more of myths & legends of the Korean, Chinese, Japanese,Yhialand, and other countries. can’t we have something like this here??

If you want I can send you my collection as well. But I’d have to have your email (don’t post it here, ok? Only on p.m.!)

Myths series on Ted-Ed:
It’s translated in many languages!

Chinese myths in the playlist:

There’s a drama called “The Legend of the White Snake” on Viki (I haven’t watched “The Legend of the White Snake” drama, so I can’t tell if it’s faithful to the original tale):


I don’t know how similar or different this drama is but I guess every one has some variations in it:


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