Fliter language comments

VIKI is now universaland this is GREAT! Review section can be filtered according to language. Comments section cannot - sadly, comments sections are OVERWHELMED by loving Spanish, Arabic, French, Portugese, Serbian, etc. etc. viewers., thinking that posting a plea will help the translation quicker - subs por favor!

Please create the software,let us filter and see only the comments in our maternal language.


In my opinion it’s a little too much to ask but you never know. If there are enough volunteers in your native language they can work out something. But to me is more important to have enough volunteers that can sub the dramas/movies/entertainment shows for viewers.

I personally think this site gives more than any other site. With dramas available in so many different language this is a gift to viewers, and I hope they realize that and stop complaining so much.

Everything cost money and your idea sounds very expensive that will only risk consumers paying very high prices to watch the dramas they love.

Hi Angel light
Perhaps I didn’t express myself clearly enough - I think that Viki translations into so many languages is great! I subscribed to Drama Fever and Vikis translations are so much better (explaining idioms, cultural, historical references)

My request should not cost that much - just a software adjustment ( a button to push) in the comments section so that we can see comments and reviews only in our own language - and if bilingual ( I understand French), I could choose to see the French comments.

Viki community rely on others to recommend dramas to watch and I must go through 2, 3, 4 pages of comments in Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese, etc. It’s frustrating. Thanks for sharing!


I get you now. My sincere apologies. I didn’t know a software could make that feature a much simpler task, and without costing too much. I hope Rviki staffers in the engineer department looks into your idea. Thanks for sharing this, too. I’m old and don’t know much in the tech dept but is never too late to learn.

Angel - you can"t be as old as me! I have to ask my sons about everything tech! But here’s to VIKI - origins in the student project at Stanford university that helped to bring Asian dramas to so many people around the world. We should all support and encourage our subbers - these wonderful volunteers. Every nasty, impatient comment about the subs, I vote down and sometimes flag. I really don’t know what else to do to keep the comments section only about the drama itself. Happy viewing, angel!