Floricienta (Cinderella) Needs Segmenters and Spanish to english subbers

HI, this is one of the best Argentinian TV shows, this first season is my favorite and is in search for seggers and Spanish to english subbers, the goal is have the possibility of english speakers to enjoy this show as well as I did when I was younger and many others that watched the show already long ago.

It has romance, lots of music and the story is about : Floricienta is a modern re-telling of Cinderella. Flor , a poor but dreamer, rash, vivacious, cheerful and happy Italian/Argentine girl whose life changes when she meets Federico Fritzenwalden, the older son of a very rich German/ Argentine family whose parents died in an accident. Federico is the head of the family and has 5 younger siblings (Nico, Franco, Maia, Martín, Tomás) living with him in a big house. Fede has a bitter, cold, strict, rigid and lonely personality until he falls in love with Flor upon meeting her. But Fede has a girlfriend, Delfina (the witch), who wants Federico’s money. Federico’s brothers hate Delfina, but when Flor comes to the Fritzenwaldens’ residence, hired by Fede as the nanny, everybody loves her.


If you are interested please leave me a message here or by PM

Thank you.


Nienna! ^^

Me! Me! Me!! I love the series! I saw it like 10 times! I want to help translating it, please let me know if there is anything I could do =)

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Perfect I love it too!!!


Wow, looks like very interesting drama.If you need indonesian moderator, I’m here Nienna.

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Thank you! is very cute and funny also and a lot of music I wil send you a PM

Hi, I’m interested in subbing this. I watched part of the show myself when it was just a hit so I’d love to be a part of this project. Let me know If I can be of any help. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Gracias! te escribo los detalles por PM sobre por donde empezar :smiley:

¿Todavía necesitas ayuda? I’d love to help.

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Hola si perdon por la demora en responderte la verdad no habia visto este mensaje, me mandas un PM por fa?

Hey I can help I already saw this tv show is one of my favorites

Hi thank you I will contact you tomorrow :smiley: