Am I the only one who is getting addicted to Korean food???

I’ve eaten ramen before and also kimchi
Since a while i’ve been soooo addicted to K-food (specially after let’s eat lol) that I am even cooking it…
I don’t have any Korean restaurants or stores in my country so i am adapting my recipes to what i find…

I did this a week ago (jjajangmyun)

And i even tried to make Kimchi today…

I will have to wait for it to ferment… hope it turns out well

Any other foodaholic here?
Share your recipes i would love to hear about them…


I can’t cook…well at least not very good so I avoid doing it at all cost but that looks sooooooooooooooooo YUMMY

I would love to have the recipes and get my hubby to make it for me!! :smiley:


Kimchi has become a staple in my fridge ever since i found out my local grocery sells it. Haven’t been brave enough to try and make it myself yet.

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jjajangmyun is more of a “chinese food” but looks good! If you ever need certain (packaged) ingredients you can always order them online haha!

I’m just starting to try different Korean foods. I’ve made my own kimbap (which I love, it’s really easy and yummy). I’ve also learned to make fried rolled egg. I’m lucky enough to have an Asian grocery store nearby, so I can pretty much get my hands on everything I need. The next item I want to try to make is the seaweed soup that Koreans eat on birthdays.

There’s a Korean restaurant in the city that I’m planning to go to with some friends next week. They serve Soju, I can’t wait to give it try!

I like to try Korean food from time to time too. I tried shin ramyun which you see in Kdrama quite often. Way to spicy for me, gave me heartburn (I always get that off to spicy food) Also tried various Kimchi, an Asian supermarket sells it here, very expensive and that kind I didn’t like but the home made ones I liked so far. Also made Goguma-bap (sweet potato rice) a while ago. Did do a Gimbap workshop a few months ago too which was great. They also had various other Korean dishes such as Kimchi and Bulgugi but I couldn’t try everything because I’m a vegetarian.

Ohh and there is soju in the fridge and I really like Milkis but that’s a bit hard to get here.

Have you heard of Maangchi? She shows how to make Korean food. I love her cooking video’s and every time I want to cook something Korean I check her site =)

I’m really intrigued by Soju. By all accounts, it’s pretty potent…is it? Is it anything like Sake?

Yes I think you can compare it a bit with Sake since it’s also made with rice but I find Soju a bit softer and less sharp. I only tried Chamisul (참 이슬) Original since it was the cheapest I could find here. Really I don’t understand how people can finish a bottle and not be totally drunk and that they are proud they can finish a whole bottle or more all by themselves without being drunk. It takes me months already to finish that one bottle since I hardly drink and only one tiny glass, smaller then in Kdrama, a time…LOL


Wafaa, you’re amazing!

I always buy ready-made kimchi at asian shop here.
And I always keep some instant ramyun in the cupboard.
As for other dish, I either go to our favourite korean restaurant (because they serve 8 side dish and it’s free, btw :smiley: ) or go to 1 of my korean friends’ house. LOL

On New Year’s day, I had a korean friend came to visit from Wellington (I live in Auckland) and she cooked me korean food.
Check it out:

Dont ask me how to make it hahahaha she did it all under 2 hours.

@Dudie: I also check out her website but haven’t got a time to make any of her recipes. Looks easy, though. Have you tried any of hers?

Thanks for the info. So for my first time out, when we go to the Korean restaurant, we should only order ONE bottle of Soju for the four of us to share?

That looks so good! YUMMMY!

@KaeTee yes only order one to begin with… The soju I have is one of the strongest but if I’m not mistaken all soju contains atleast 15 or 16% which is a whole lot more then a glass of wine.

@auroratasya I tried her sweet potato rice and some other things but I don’t remember which exactly. There are many things I want to try but sometimes it’s quite a challenge to find all ingredients. For some things I have to go to other cities to get it.

All the korean people I know here are my age so they only cook basic stuff (they’re guys :p)
Actually last week one of them made me fried rice which was nicee !! He also brought me some kimchi before…
Here the only thing u can find is instant noodles… there was just this one supermarket which had some black bean paste… other than that nothing :frowning: not even kimchi :’( that’s why I tried doing it on my own… it seems like mine will turn out hotter than the one my friend got me :stuck_out_tongue:

@dudie yeahhh maangchi is great I did most of the food after watching her videos. … ohh I even tried making the egg rolls which turned out great!!

@Wafaahs, that looks yummy. You make me hungry now…lol! I’m so lucky since I move here (suburb of Seattle) there are a lot of Koreans live here, so many Korean restaurants also here. I’ve tried various of Korean foods and it was delicious.
@Dudie, if you are vegetarian, maybe you should try Korean tofu soup and you can ask for non spicy. My 10 years old daughter loves it. Or dukkbogi (Korean spicy rice cake) but maybe it’s a bit spicy for you. For ramyun, I prefer ottogi brand.

Stahp making me hungry.
Korean food is super delicious. I always go to the korean BBQ & Hotpots in my area.

@julievilla Can’t wait till the Korean restaurant here opens it’s doors next month hopefully. Never been to a Korean restaurant before. Thanks for mentioning tofu soup, reminds me I still need to look for a nice recipe to make it. I tried to make one before but that didn’t turn out as good as I had hoped. I want to try tteokbokki anyway but I guess it might be a bit too much indeed. They do sell those rice cakes here at an Asian Supermarket so maybe I can make it myself one day and make the sauce less spicy.

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wow, the kimchi looks really good and now i’m hungry >.<

Btw did you try your kimchi?

I just tasted it… and it turned out GREAT!!!
I never imagined it will turn out that good though a bit too spicy :stuck_out_tongue:
But it’s very tasty!!
Lol what should i try doing nxt in koran food?:smiley:


Ahhhh proud of you unnie !!