For Love of the "Bad Guy" Who do you love even though you should hate them?


While You Were Sleeping! Lawyer Lee Yoo-Beom ( Lee Sang-Yeob).
Kim Bum, Baby Rang Tale of the Nine Tailed (although he good inside)

Woo Do Hwan in Divine Fury


Hong Jong-hyun, Wang Yo, 3rd Prince - Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo
He’s very handsome but I hated him.

Kang Ha-neul, Wang Wook, 8th Prince - Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo
I don’t know if he counts, I don’t even know if he was supposed to be good or bad but I loved him in some episodes and HATED him in other episodes.


I know that Scarlett Heart Ryeo is SOUL Crushing! I have to brace myself before I watch it. I have heard some people say they still aren’t over it. Handsome guys though!


T.O.P in “Iris”


:cn: Lin Geng Xin :cn: in :film_projector::film_strip: Scarlet Heart, and Xuan Yuan Sword - Rift of the Sky :film_projector::film_strip::performing_arts:Here on Viki.
:heart: him in :film_strip::film_projector: Desperate Love, and Princess Agent :film_strip::film_projector::performing_arts: Here on Viki.


Was he the prince that ended up with the girl at the end of the drama? The one that marries her to get her out of the palace?


I have not watched Scarlet Heart yet! It looks good


He was one of the Prince, and yea, they all planned in helping her go out, except for her true love (in acting, and real life), who became the next emperor!


It’s a pulling commitment, trust me!


Is this Scarlet Heart or Scarlet Heart Ryeo I know that Scarlet Heart Ryeo is soul crushing


Kim Ji Suk from Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People

Sun Zu Jun from Ever Night: Season 1

In fact, I liked most of the villains from Ever Night.

Kosuke Suzuki from the Japanese version of Liar Game

Shin Sung Rok from the Korean version of Liar Game


OHHHH the Evernight guy is :fire:


The first one, :heart: Scarlet Heart :heart:


It is on my Watchlist as of today the concept sounds really good!


Scarlet Heart is the Chinese original show. Scarlet Heart Ryeo was made later and is the Korean adaptation. They both are sad, but I cried more in the Korean version than the Chinese version.


OHHHH good to know! I’m over hear crying my eyes out over Oh My Ghostess! My heart hurts at the moment I hate these damn dramas and I’m in Eps 13


Get more tissues​:laughing::joy::joy::smile:


I’m such a CRYBABY

I DO not like the bad guy in Oh My Ghostess


Never watched this one, but it’s popular.


I found the Chinese version more emotional, and full of suspense.