For the love of variety!

I am really enjoying the uptick of more recent japanese dramas (thank you viki and also its about time) after such a long drought. And i don’t mean to sound greedy but i do have a question. Along with my love of all things japanese (its a shame they don’t do anime i have to get another service for that) i also have an addiction for korean variety shows (running man, Ask us anything, happy together, etc.) however i noticed there are no variety shows from japan. After looking in other places i am discovering it is very difficult to locate japanese variety shows (aside from random clips on youtube). so my question is this… do japanese not make very many variety shows or is there just not a demand beyond the shores of japan to make it worth putting out there? BTW I know that netflix has done 2 reality shows but i am more interested in celebrity type variety shows .

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From what I heard the main problem is that Japan is very selective in what Japanese stuff they want other countries to broadcast.