Formatting on-screen info for Viki dramas

I have started watching the C-drama Master of My Own, and I am enjoying it. However, when I view episodes on different browsers or different devices, the episodes I’ve watched do not synch across devices or platforms so that–as happens with all my other dramas also–I sometimes end up starting the same episode over and over again when I go to the show page and click on the title next to whatever graphic image is being used (photo, drawing, cartoon).

When I look at the name of the drama in he upper left-hand corner with the arrow that I can click to go back to the show page (and this is true of any Viki drama), there is no indication of which episode is on screen.

When I click on the title Master of My Own on its show page and end up in the middle of the episode on my desktop computer–because I got to that point on my desktop but finished the episode on my phone–I would like to be able to see a title in the upper left-hand corner that says something like “<-- Master of My Own (Episode X–return to show page)” so that I am not wasting time re-watching what I have already seen.

This may seem fussy, but since people watch on multiple devices and episodes do not currently appear to synch across devices, it seems to me that adding that small amount of extra information would be useful, would be simple to do, and would not require Viki web designers, programmers, and other behind-the-scenes to have to turn themselves inside-out and spend weeks and months adding that extra bit of usability.

Does what I am saying make sense? Sometimes usability of a website or streaming platform boils down to small, thoughtful details. There are days when Viki being cost-effective and open-source just does not does not provide a “seamless” user experience.

Yet supposedly Viki is chock-full of people who have the talent, education, experience, and creativity to enable Viki to be “the heart of Asian entertainment.”

The English saying when some little thing is annoying: “The devil is in the details.” I keep finding little things where I want the angels to be in the details. Can’t Viki get some angels on the case?


I know exactly what you mean. One workaround that I have found, at least for when I switch from my laptop to my tablet device: After I am done watching on the tablet, I have to make sure I actually close the app, and I don’t mean just go back to the tablet’s homepage but actually make sure I have closed it from running in the background. If I do not do this step, my progress just stays where it is and will not register across platforms, or at least will not show any new progress I might make from my laptop.

I don’t know if that explanation makes any sense or helps at all, but it seems to correct the issue. But this is only assuming that there are not any current problems with the ‘continue watching’ function, which we all know runs very inconsistently at times.

This is definitely one of those little details that seems somewhat insignificant but becomes a pretty big annoyance when it happens to you. I do also wish the current episode number was more easily visible somewhere on screen. Sometimes it appears as part of the web address but sometimes it doesn’t. I’ve never made sense of that.


Really? I never show mercy on Viki, though… I was watching From Now, Showtime and paused it somewhere around the 20 minute mark. I went to do something and the screen went off. Then I decided to watch on my laptop, and Viki had already registered the time stamp. I continued watching and closed the phone app. It then updated the time stamp to the laptop one. I was actually surprised to see the Continue Watching function work so well these past few weeks. I’ve been watching a lot on Viki - From Now, Showtime, Reset, and Queendom 2(for volunteering purposes)

@misswillowinlove not sure if this will help, but I never use the Resume at Ep___ button on the show page. Sometimes, if you don’t watch to the very end of the ep and THEN move on, it takes you back to the previous ep. I prefer to go to the Episodes tab and find the last-watched episode. It’s not very inconvenient if your order is set to Latest First.

It’s really annoying that the episode number isn’t in the title. I agree with you. I find out which ep it is by clicking on that icon in the bottom right - the one which makes all the eps pop up. That clearly shows which ep you’re on.

If I switch from the tablet/app to my laptop, my progress is usually registered, but it does not work the other way around if I have not completely closed out the app prior. I can tell if I have closed it out or not by whether or not the lovely blue welcome screen appears when I open the app. If it had not been closed completely, it will open directly to where I left it rather than going through the welcome page. However, if this does happen, I can just go ahead and close the app completely and then reopen, and then my progress usually shows up.

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Ooh thats a good idea! According to some people, kids born after 2000 never leave their apps open, and I think that’s pretty accurate :joy: It’s like a conditioned reflex - I automatically close all my apps before I leave my phone :sweat_smile:

Its rather inconvenient when I use my parents’ phones, though… I end up closing all the million apps they have running, and then realization hits :flushed:

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