Fortune-telling in Kdramas


I somehow thought you’re living in the UK. Maybe the TV stations didn’t show such Eastern movies then because of cold war.

And today most shows that TV stations broadcast are different from the past. Less old tales but more modern stuff (that I don’t find so interesting like the old stuff).

The old puppet plays often included deeper meaning/topics and they were told in a calm way. Today’s stuff for kids is often so loud and hectic that I couldn’t watch it.

We also had many tales from H. C. Andersen as show:


China was even part of my childhood’s tales XDD
including dragons and ancient Chinese emperors xD


For a while in the past I was much into ancient high civilisations and legends. One interesting thing was that certain core aspects were the same no matter of the continent; meaning even when the continents are far away and there was no internet at that time the core elements stay the same. I’d call it universal truth.
Another interesting aspect that I just discovered recently is that things that are written about the Anunnaki are also part in one way or another in Chinese legends about the old dynasties and how the Empire was etablished.

Baba Yaga and her hut was part of a story I listened to quite often as a child. In that story the (later) hero has to face her and solve some kind of riddle to get a special horse. The horse is disguised to trick people (she has three horses) but the hero chose the right horse anyway and she is surprised and a bit impressed that he is the first that can’t be fooled.

I don’t think anyone here eats chicken legs. People only eat their wings.


You mean here in your country you don’t eat chicken legs-feets? because South Korean loves chicken feets and they serve them here in US restaurants. The sauce do look delicious but I won’t eat them even if they pay me


Yes. I mean where I live (Europe). We don’t eat it.

Maybe some may eat it (now) when they visit special restaurants. We have also restaurants for crocodile or ostrich meat and other unusual stuff.


Something that’s common here are knuckles of pigs. But that’s still mostly the upper leg’s part and not the bottom part of it.


In my country is a tradition to eat pigs feet for certain occasions and it taste quite delicious. My 20 year old boy can eat this weekly if I make it but I don’t (I only cook it twice a year) when the weather is extremely cold and it helps to warm out the place. Once I found out how unhealthy this meal was, I stopped with the Puerto Rican tradition.

But if my boy sees them and wants me to cook it for him, I don’t have the heart to tell him no. I avoid going to the meat department with him for that same reason.


I think I never ate it and won’t ever eat it.

What I liked was smoked pork chop.


He he… This is so awesome and cute! :grinning: Thank you for sharing!