Found another movie

just called Office; this 1 1/2 hour movie was an edge of the seat drama, and yes gets you guessing, always the person you least suspect! and one thing, not good to watch by yourself and at night. don’t want to scarre you off, it was really good. the drama ; office radient, the girl that plays on there, and master of study. she was very good at what she did. I am not going to give anything else away. just watch it.

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I saw it too and is really great but I wished it had another ending. wasn’t too happy with the ending.

I agree, the ending could have been better. and with that cutie, loved the twists & turns, yeah the ending could have been a bit better* note love me if you dare, same thing, could have had a better ending,

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Beautiful Sunday. a fantastic cast for one, all those twists and turns, yeah I got confused a couple of times, but if one keeps up and follow what happens, its amazing how these writers create something like this one.

I was surprised, dumbfounded, how can anyone get away with murder/sex crimes for so long? that is a spoiler, but no more.

this was so good, a mystery, a thriller, a crime all wrapped into one. and some of my favorite actors too.

If anyone likes something like this.It is definitely one a must see. it isn’t scary like a couple of others I have watched. you won’t be disappointed.

Would love some movie recommendations please.

thats why I go to other links to watch movies , netflix especially

Netflix has tons of dramas from Rakuten/viki. They added recently many great movies and dramas. What I hate is that in Netflix you see all over the subtitles wanna/gonna/dude in Asian dramas no less!

The subtitles are horrible with no editing whatsoever. I’m shocked and disgusted with the whole situation. i don’t know if you noticed this but pay attention and you’ll see how bad some subtitles are in there.

I agree on what you said about the sub s, horrible! even added words.

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Thanks for the list, would start watching them right away.

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