【Friends!】Could I make friends with you?

Introduce at first!
----------------------------------------------------So nervous------------------------------------------------------
Hello!I am Rye and I come from China and I live in Norway(but I am in China right now ).I wanna make some friends around the world.Also to find some partners to help each other.I am a little nervous because I find that some people are despise Chinese even hate them.I think it’s ridiculous.All right all right ,we join in VIKI for joy!So let’s make friends!If you come to Shanghai or Bergen I am gald to be a guide GRIN:D
**And because of my poor English,please correct my mistakes!**LOL
If you wanna make friends with me or just a chat,please put in comments your Facebook or your VIKI profile even QQ (If you use it).

Here is my facebook https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100011158481342
my VIKI profile https://www.viki.com/users/rye_02

:D Thx for reading:smile:!

Hi! I live in America and I would love to make online friends through Viki; what dramas do you like to watch / are your favorites

I live in America and would like to be friends with you…I went to Norway as exchange student in 1989 so I travelled to Bergen, Oslo, Lillehammer and a few other cities and islands… I lived on the island of Stord which is between Bergen and Stavanger and I remember a little Norwegian language

I live in America also, favorite you say? hmm got too many!
1.healer tops thje list
2 tunnel
3 legand of the blue sea
4starry night starry sea
5protect the boss
6 p s man
and so many more
sure would like to be friends