Funny songs

This thread is mainly for funny songs with cartoon-like music video although you can post a real human music video too - in case it is still funny :slight_smile:

real human version



CA. 10 weeks 1st place German charts :joy::woman_shrugging::woman_facepalming:


Gaby, that last one was even in the Dutch charts! :rofl:


funniest. MV. EVER.
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This song is in Hindi, so you might not get the Kick that the song has. This is a song from the 2019 movie House full 4 (a movie franchise). The movie is one of the highest grossing movies in Bollywood.
The story is of three people who were Royals in ancient times but however were killed in there marriage and they reincarnate in the modern times to get their love back. The genre isn’t History or Romance but Comedy and the use of the English words in this song adds the punch because English wasn’t known at the era shown in this video.
The song was a hit and the step an even bigger one, I understand that you might not culturally accept the step but still enjoy the song :smile:

The first one has the translated lyrics in a bit more detail and the other one has the video along with the translation, in fact I’ll suggest to watch all the songs of this whole franchisee because all of them are funny.

Tell me if you liked it or not.


Crazy :laughing:Adult people, standing next to you singing this song :flushed:
:woman_facepalming:Cleary, Catchy tune :joy:

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Schnappi owns the ears :rofl:


That Russian song is nice from Merlin/Artus or so?


It’s funny thanks for posting :smiley:

For a time I was watching lots of Bollywood movies, they had great dance and song scenes :smiley:

(I don’t know the movie you mentioned but the story with the reborn royals sounds interesting.)

And here is something like Schnappi reloaded but related to a game:


The big hit at all :grin::slight_smile:


Found it


I’m not sure. I originally got to know this song when I was still studying, cause it was one of the songs someone of my university used to sing on the yearly BBQ. :slight_smile:
Years later I found this version on YT.


CAUTION: If you have some kind of photo sensitivity be careful with this video due to its visuals (some light effects):