Fustrated That They Are Not Many Shows Available in My Region on Viki

It’s getting tiring anticipating a drama that’s coming and then coming to find out that it’s not available in my region. There a many tv shows on viki that I want to watch but most of them are not available in my region, which is really frustrating.


Something is really weird going on around here. Most of the shows I want to watch, are now not available in ‘‘my region’’ , and that NEVER happened before. I’m in USA I thought only if you lived in Europe, you couldn’t see some of the dramas. Oddly enough, even some of the Chinese dramas are ‘‘no longer available in my region.’’ Weird :rage:

PS. I was going through my projects which I was the CM in them, and now they ALL have ‘‘Restricted Access in your region’’ that absolutely makes no sense to me. Why is this happening in here? The dramas I don’t care to watch, are available for me to see but the ones I like/really want to see, are not? The ones I worked on, I no longer can even watch them? Weird…:rage:

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I totally understand the frustration and after reading your post I felt curious, so I did a little research and cross referencing. First, my region is North Americas, so this info may not mirror your region.

I keep all of the Viki Kdramas I’ve watched on my “Followed” list, so it’s easy to check the drama’s status. From the nearly 300 Kdramas I’ve watched here in the past seven years, 18 of them have changed from regular status (available for standard Viki pass) to VPP status (available only to Viki Pass Plus holders). Furthermore, there are 27 dramas that are now “Restricted Access”. I cross referenced those 27 dramas and ALL of them are available on the “other” big streaming site. A few of them are available elsewhere (one of the other two sites). So, my theory is, for those now “restricted access” dramas you wanted to see, the license was given to one of the other sites. Personally, I can’t complain, 27 out of hundreds isn’t bad at all.

Try not to feel too frustrated. Go over to the “explore” option and dig around, there are many, many hidden gems on Viki. They may not be the latest hot drama, but I do recommend you try out some older classics! :smile_cat:
Best of luck!


I report myself too and clinch with a :blush: Should run with Standard Pass, also translated into German and still no license or restricted access :pensive: Even the moderator says it’s released … And now? :roll_eyes:

@sheishun Thank you for the encouragement :slightly_smiling_face:. I have already looked through the explore so many times.There are many shows that I have already watched and many shows where the plot line is not my cup of tea. It just feels like Viki doesn’t provide many shows in my region.:sob:

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In previous discussions about restricted content, members have posted that it’s due to change/lost of license. Could be that Viki don’t want to pay to renew or the producer got a better deal elsewhere.
Maybe someone who reports it can post Vikis reply.

If I may, what’s the name of the drama?

Can it be that you mean me?:sweat_smile: I’m not sure. So if, It is the Movie Jade Dynastie :grinning:
Somehow there is a Misunderstanding

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The original poster mentioned a drama, and I wanted to know the title of it.
From what I can tell, Jade Dynasty is available in the U.S. It’s blocked for European viewers, though.


Even with the standard pass? It is said, that he should be free, for this pass… I have the standard pass but he is not free, this is strange, somehow.

The passes have nothing to do with the licenses from what I understand.

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Thank you for the answers and the help. The whole thing makes sense…

@angelight313_168 :pray::pray::pray::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

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No problem. I can relate. For me there are old projects that are still there after almost 10 years and others who got deleted (Oh, My Lady, Athena, and some others). There are who are restricted now and other projects I just gave back. There are many volunteers who left Viki I worked with over the past years, some were frustrated with Viki’s changes and others couldn’t handle how they were treated. For me the loss of those people is more significant than not having access to some dramas.
Anyway it would be best for Viki to increase the staff in the first line to the customers.

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(UP). adding to this post.
Was excited to sign up a year plan back then, but slowly started to get frustrated because wife and i will regularly check online reviews of good kdrama series and movies to watch. We can see that it is available in viki, but not available in my region. I have no problems paying for subscription, but what a waste of money this one is. If i knew there were that many nota available, I would have not signed up. Only used this for a few months and gave up completely. Just letting this subscription lapse and not renewing again.