Future of Chinese BL and Taiwan Security

BL has been shutdown in Mainland China for sometime now. The LGBT community is getting shut down.

There will be no HIStory5 or any Taiwanese BL in the future if Taiwan comes under the control of the Chinese Communist Party.

Taiwan is also the most advanced in supporting Gay rights and is an example for the entire region. Also, if LGBT and BL gets shut down in Taiwan you can expect an effect on Thai BL and Korean BL and BL elsewhere.

We have formed a Facebook Group “LGBT for Taiwan.” See link below. We have news about the crackdown on LGBT in Mainland China, about the LGBT movement in Taiwan, and the present security of Taiwan.

This important not just for the LGBT in Taiwan and Taiwanse BL. There is a need for an LGBT movement outside the West and outside of Western culture.

BL fans like to state how they support Gays. Now is the time to show your support.