[GAME] Making a Drama

Hey, guys! Me again. :slight_smile: So, the idea of the game is very simple: I will start telling a story and the next person continues the story and so on… Okay? Remember that the scenario and the characters on the story have to seem like the ones we see in dramas!

01# You can create new characters, of course, but the story cannot stop focusing on the main characters;
02# The main characters cannot die;
03# Of course, no cursing and no offending our dear friends;
04# Try not to make your paragraphs too big, because that could make it difficult for the next person to follow up to the storyline;
05# Try not to make a big sudden change in the story! Plot twists are okay, but if you’re messing with the story just to make others mad, then you’re a bad friend and your paragraph will be (flagged and) ignored;
06# You can add links to soundtracks to your scene;

Title: Walking in new shoes.

There was a girl who lived at the other side of the world. Why did she live at the other side of the world? Because her world was in South Korea. Everything she liked, watched and listened to… It was all Korean! It was her dream to go live there. So, one fine day, she turns to her mother and says:

  • Mother, I want to go abroad and travel the world and go live in South Korea.

Her mother, laughing, said she could never make it. But deep inside, her mother was just afraid of losing her. Because living so far away from each other, her mother would miss her a lot. So the girl let the subject die and spent months without talking about it. Her mother didn’t suspect anything, until it was one year later, and the girl said she to her mother:

  • Mother, I became an adult now. I am 21 and I have gathered the money to go travel around the world.

Her hair had grown bigger, and she dyed it red. She was now wearing make up and colored outfits. Her mother was very surprised by the sudden change, but realized this was her daughter’s dream, so she decided to let the girl go. “Don’t forget to contact me everyday, for I will get worried about you”, said the mother while hugging the girl goodbye at the airport.

As soon as she entered the airplane, she sat next to a weird boy wearing huge headphones and an ugly hat. The boy seemed annoyed by her presence there. Noticing that, she smiled and said:

  • Hello! I’m Lucy.
    The boy just nodded with a curtesy smile and said nothing, turning his head to the window.

The Elbow War
The man’s determination to ignore Lucy set her on fire. She was raised to respond to people even if she didn’t favor them; it was basic human decency. His ignorance of respect forced Lucy to abandon her beliefs for just a moment. She glanced at his elbow on the only arm rest between them. Her elbow moved on its own as if it were possessed and slowly made its way towards his. As soon as she realized what she was doing, it was already too late to stop it. Her sharp, pointy elbow betrayed her and shocked her rude, head phoned seat partner. A sudden elbow war broke out; her body part was forcing his off the arm rest. In response, he arched his eyebrows and pushed back with his elbow. This caught the attention of the old couple next to them as they raised their eyebrows.

Lucy pushed with all her might and suddenly… BAM! It was her victory. She grew a smirk on her face. The man’s face was full of disgust. He wasn’t going to be defeated by this. He bravely brought his elbow back to the match. In one shove, her elbow was mince meat. It was knocked off the arm rest and Lucy was enveloped with defeat. It was the man’s turn to smirk it up. Lucy rubbed her elbow and let out an “ahhh!”, with a cringed nose. She decided to resign, and realized she had stolen eyes from the seats around her; everyone glared with disapproval as they shook their heads. Lucy hunched down in shame and closed her eyes. The man smirked again and looked off to the window, clearly holding on to his victory as his elbow laid comfortably on its throne.

Music- http://www.audiosparx.com/sa/archive/European/French-Music/Mmm-La-La/467901