Game: The Never Ending Drama

Just have fun and create your love, sad, comedy drama together!

Begin to write a few lines or a paragraph, and someone else will continue the story :slight_smile:
Mix characters between dramas, add a hysterical ahjumma, make Oppa fall in love or let your favorite actor appear, make them travel back in time and kung fu fighting, up to everyone’s imagination!

Rule n°1: no Park Shin Hye (I’m kidding :slight_smile:)
No rules, just be nice with each other :couple: :peace:


Ooh, sounds fun! I’ll give it a try. As for names, I’m gonna make a mistake, so I’ll keep the character nameless.

The tops of the giant bamboo grasses swayed gently in the autumn breeze. The occasional bird fight over territory pierced the otherwise quiet atmosphere. [She] quickly put her binoculars up to her eyes in an attempt to spot a bird, any bird, but to no avail. She dropped them in frustration. She had wanted to spend her day off from her office job birdwatching, but things weren’t going too well. With a sigh, she decided to take a break and eat her lunch. After she found a dry patch of leaves on the ground, she sat down and began to eat. A scream pierced the air as she raised a corner of the sandwich to her mouth…


I can’t really write a creative paragraph as I would write in French. My vocabulary is quite limited to be lyrically versed in English = I’m not at ease so will look through dictionary XD
But let’s give it a try! Going to have some fun :slight_smile:

“Sir, your next meeting will be in two hours. Do you need anything else?”

“No, thank you. Don’t let anyone enter the office before the meeting,” said a man while putting his signature on an umpteenth document his secretary was giving him.

He pushed the golden Louis XIV doors open to be welcomed by a massive black marble desk in front of which he sat nonchalantly. Running his fingers through his jet black hair in a smooth and natural gesture as if he has done it a million times, he raised his dark purple eyes to look through the large pristine glass walls and sighed.
The high and luxurious bamboo grasses were leaning toward the fleeting midday sun, gently bent by the slight autumnal breeze.

He got up to admire the scenery and stopped in front of one of the windows. He just opened it, wanting to feel the soft wind, when a single chilling scream echoed. Alarmed, he swiftly jumped from the window.