Game: which drama is this picture from?

  1. Which drama is it?
  2. Who are the character and actor?
  3. To whom would you recommend this drama? (what type of public)

First time I saw it, I was :joy:


Easy peasy.

  1. Jealousy Incarnate.
  2. Can’t remember characters’ name in general, but a news anchorman with a breast cancer. One of the 2%. Jo Jung Suk!
  3. I’d say people that have experienced first loves before and want to watch something a bit more mature, but still sweet.

My turn! :smiling_imp:

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  1. Don’t Dare to Dream/Jealousy Incarnate
  2. Jo Jung Suk / Lee Hwa Shin
  3. Open-minded, gleeful, adult rom-com lovers with a weakness for ice-cream.
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@bozoli You beat me it took me to long to think about #3

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Try to answer to the picture - Was it “It’s Okay, that’s Love”?

I got a heart, I guess I am right, so what Picture do I have to offer, wait a moment, I do not have too many …

Might be or not be easy:

  1. Drama
  2. Who’s feet?
  3. What would you like to drink, while watching it? (It’s morning and not answered, should I give a hint “hot royal drink”, now it should be easier …)

Drama is the Coffee Prince and the feet’s are Goong Yoo & Eun-Hye. I would like to drink Bloody Mary this time :smiley:

  1. Which drama is it?
  2. What is she & character name?
  3. Are you happy with the ending? If no, why and tell how it could end.

Just “pushing” it to the top, maybe we need another hint … For me, I think I didn’t watch this drama.

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An easy hint, main actor is Lee Min-ho. :smiley:

Ah, then I think I might know.

  1. City Hunter
  2. Na Na, Korean Secret Service cadet or officer
  3. Can’t remember the ending all that well, since I was unfortunately not so invested in the series. Somebody dies, but it wasn’t one of the two main characters, or? I’m boring, so I always want to have all the favorite tragic characters end up living a peaceful life in a cabin in the countryside with their loved ones.

  1. Title?
  2. What is the main character using in there instead of the ball?
  3. Funniest character and why?

I could tell the drama, but can’t answer the other question since I couldn’t watch it …

Then say the title and we’ll call it even. And watch it, my dear. It’s superb! :blush:

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It’s Prison Playbook!

New Picture …

  1. Drama?
  2. Maybe you know the meaning of the flowers?
  3. What are your favorite flowers?
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(It’s not that I don’t want to play, but I haven’t watched these dramas so it’s impossible for me to answer XD)


This is exactly what I call the translator syndrome. So much to translate, you end up not watching even a third of what you might like to watch :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I could give another clou, you could look up my disqus account … Because you could find the picture there as well …
Now, who is faster?
Well, I made many comments, will you find one?

Not much the translator syndrome this year XD

Two reasons:
-This year, my work has been really more intense.

[details=Summary](so I’m sometimes working on weekends and working late at night. We were discussing with cousins from London, Los Angeles and one who has worked in Germany. The work culture is totally different than in France where we work overtime because it’s “normal”, like if you don’t work overtime, it’s not normal or it’s not seen favorably in general (but inside the French work culture, it’s also different for civil servants).
So less leisure time :)[/details]

-Less leisure time, so I’ll tend to binge my favorite genre (suspense and thrillers dramas) when I feel like it XD
But most of the time, I want to read recently.


So, watching dramas has not been an imperial need for me: it’s binging 1 or 2, stop for a long time, binging 1 or 2 again, then stop. It’s not every week or every month. There’s a long pause between each drama I watch and I only watch a few over the years compared to before, but when I watch 1, I make sure I’ll be satisfied to binge it XD I’ve been more consistent on volunteering than watching though there are days I’m unable to volunteer because of work or wanting to rest from work by doing something else than volunteering.

=> So I would say “C’est la vie.” =) But if others can guess, it’s awesome :smile:

2.I don’t know these flowers, are they marguerites? Innocence? (I’ve never seen red marguerites)

3.My favorite flowers are orchids because it reminds me of my mother who likes flowers a lot (so much that even though she’s allergic to pollen, she planted a lot of flowers). She named my sister and me with “orchid” inside. Yes, I’m an orchid :joy:

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@piranna Okay, LOL you won for creativity. These are red sweet maries - “I love you”, is what they mean.

Btw “Orchid” you are lucky, my names were given to me by my Dad and my middle name is somewhat equal to “little bear”.
Please put up a new picture, maybe we should go more for older dramas, it seems we all didn’t get to see many new ones, haha.

This one, is kind of an accident, since I couldn’t resist Choi Jin Hyuk’s acting, it was in the last episode of Devilish Joy

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Such a cute middle name!

Haha, I know. I’m teasing. We have to laugh in life :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Love… Oh pretty baby… I love you baby. I was just listening to this song, is this a coincidence??

Don’t mind me not being able to play :smile: Look, I could discover new things thanks to this!

  1. Who are the actors?
  2. Drama?
    Hint in 3rd question:

3. What’s their child’s name?

4.Did you like the drama?

Sorry for the quality’s picture, I couldn’t get a better photo.

  1. Eugenie and Kim Jae Won
  2. Wonderful Life
  3. Shin Bi
  4. This one gave me mixed emotions because it was one of my first K-dramas. I had trouble to wait for the kid’s parents finally become adults, while the kid was struggling.
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