Gay gods in East Asian movies,

This movie, the “Kiss of the Rabbit God” has 1.8 million viewers on the YouTube directors channel alone and the number of viewers is going up 100,000 a month roughly. It is also on GagaOOLaLa and likely on other channels. Nowness also has it on YouTube but with only 137,000 views.

It is about a Taoist god from Chinese history who is the god for gay lovers coming to visit a Chinese American worker in a restaurant to accept and act on his identity. It is a fairly intense movie. I will resume my comments after providing the links to the video and two recent articles on the movie and after those comments pose a question.

This is the link to the video:

This is an article in “Goldthread.”

The magazine “NeoCha: Culture & Creativity in Asian,” also had article on it.

In the Philippines they are writing about a pre-colonial gay god, though there is no movie production yet.

The “Kiss of the Rabbit God,” was inspired by an actual temple in New Taipei City in Taiwan dedicated to Tu’er the Rabbit God. This temple has been functioning for some time now. For gay visitors going to Taiwan is it a must stop on their travel itinerary. I plan to visit them when I am in Taiwan.

This is their twitter feed.
They have a webpage and a Facebook page.

The question I have is what other East Asian movies have a gay god? Given that I would only see East Asian gay movies that make it to YouTube, Viki, Tencent, etc. there might be some others.

So if anyone knows of any other movies with a divine theme let me know. That includes religious leaders in East Asian. Thanks.