Getting To Know Each Other


In that case I’d go for dogs and horses. What’s yours?


Those are adorable to.

I like allot,
Redpanda, Foxes and Wolves
But I do think, all animals are Wonderfull in their unique way.


I love those too. But you are right, all animals are great. :slight_smile:


You said you do love music,
what kind of music are you listening to?


Sweet topic!

Then I will speak about me:
I am 28 years old but many people are saying I look like 22-ish :blush:
As a teenager I was shy but through my apprenticeship as a salesperson I learned to be honest and straightforward even tho I don’t mean it negative :sweat_smile:
I paint with acrylic, pencil or digital but prefer to use acrylic. I can show you some pictures if you want ^^
I love to listen music with any genre except “schlager” and “heavy metal”.
I speak three languages fluently: German, English and Turkish. At the moment I try to improve my Turkish and Korean which is at basic level right now.
Hm… what else? I guess that’s all. :cherry_blossom:


I like a lot of different kinds of music. I also like music in different languages. I made a topic here about the Music from Finland and here are a few other examples of what I like:

And many more …

What kind of music do you like?


I’m getting curious! :slight_smile:


I like sugar gliders, dogs, deere, and possibly other animals.


Was it hard learning all those languages?


What are Wuxia dramas? I never heard of those.


Me neither actually.


Thanks! I just do not do digital art.


Then I won’t torture you XD

This was just for fun.

I have to say that I didn’t finish it :sweat_smile:

My first try with acrylic xd

Second attempt using a tutorial

Thrid attempt using a tutorial as well :blush:


Wuxia is the genre for historic chinese dramas.


Wow, they are beautiful! :heart_eyes:


Oh. Intetesting.


I can’t resist showing you this other-worldly adorable baby red panda :heart_eyes_cat:


It’s so cute! As a child I had a very beautiful stuffed red panda. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Oh gods @sheishun this made my day! its so adorable!

I dont know how to embed gifs…sorry


And yes Wuxia is sort of historical Chinese fantasy series. Its like the hairy pawter series except they fly on swords and have OP magic from martial arts n stuff like that. :smiley: I love that like untamed my all time favourite. To I love historical dramas like: the longest day in chang an, nirvana in fire, novoland eagle flag they are more like the game of thrones just so much better *sorry :3