Getting To Know Each Other


Hello everybody in the Community Discussions.
I have been here for a while and I would like to get to know some of some of you.
About Me:
I LOVE cats and other adorable animals.
I LOVE romantic and funny dramas.
I eat more vegetables then meat.
Even though I am shy, I am open to meeting new people, that is online of course. :grin:
I like to be independant, so in that case, I would like to stay unmarried and single,but of course, I could always change my mind. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

This is all I have for now, so if you would like to know more about me, ask away!


Me too! :cat:

I love Asian dramas in several genres, from romantic to horror.
I’m a vegetarian. :slight_smile:
I’m shy as well …
I love learning languages and I love music.


That’s wonderful!
Do you play musical intruments by chance?
Other than english, do you know any other language? i only know english and I am just fine with that. :smile:


Well, I started a long-distance guitar course in my younger years, but honestly not much came of it, so I still can’t play guitar properly. How about you?
My mothertongue is Dutch. I learned English, French, German and Latin in highschool and studied Finnish and Swedish (and a few other languages on the side) at university. And nowadays I’m trying to learn Korean, Japanese and Chinese.
Is English your mothertongue? :slight_smile:


Wow! You are really didicated! You learned so many Languages! I do not even have the courage to do that!
My mothertongue is English. This is the only language I know.
I do not play musical intruments. When I was in elmentary school, I had to take music class and I did like it. I just did not find interest in musical intruments and I still don’t. Of course, I do find interest in art. After all those required art classes from Elementary, Middle school, and highschool, I liked art. I do cute simple drawings, complicated drawings, and depending on what I drew or what I am coloring, I have a variety of things to color with. I have pointy pens, pointy markers, big markers, small markers, color pencils, and soon I will be receiving water color markers.


Sounds like you have artistic talent. That’s so cool! :sunglasses:



I to love animals,
and im vegetarian because I do not want to eat my friends :3
I do love to practice martialarts
Watching wuxia dramas
Crafting DIY’s
Im shy and don’t talk to much

Whats your favourite adorable animal besides fluffy furrballs as cats?


In that case I’d go for dogs and horses. What’s yours?


Those are adorable to.

I like allot,
Redpanda, Foxes and Wolves
But I do think, all animals are Wonderfull in their unique way.


I love those too. But you are right, all animals are great. :slight_smile:


You said you do love music,
what kind of music are you listening to?


Sweet topic!

Then I will speak about me:
I am 28 years old but many people are saying I look like 22-ish :blush:
As a teenager I was shy but through my apprenticeship as a salesperson I learned to be honest and straightforward even tho I don’t mean it negative :sweat_smile:
I paint with acrylic, pencil or digital but prefer to use acrylic. I can show you some pictures if you want ^^
I love to listen music with any genre except “schlager” and “heavy metal”.
I speak three languages fluently: German, English and Turkish. At the moment I try to improve my Turkish and Korean which is at basic level right now.
Hm… what else? I guess that’s all. :cherry_blossom:


I like a lot of different kinds of music. I also like music in different languages. I made a topic here about the Music from Finland and here are a few other examples of what I like:

And many more …

What kind of music do you like?


I’m getting curious! :slight_smile:


I like sugar gliders, dogs, deere, and possibly other animals.


Was it hard learning all those languages?


What are Wuxia dramas? I never heard of those.


Me neither actually.


Thanks! I just do not do digital art.


Then I won’t torture you XD

This was just for fun.

I have to say that I didn’t finish it :sweat_smile:

My first try with acrylic xd

Second attempt using a tutorial

Thrid attempt using a tutorial as well :blush: