Giving a chance to a rookie x Falling for fake accounts


Our dear fake friend got deleted as well, but he returned already to edit Thai as a Korean Editor, sub Korean, do translation edit for Japanese, subtitle from Chinese to English, sub Portuguese as an English subtitler and of course edit Galician. Anyway, please watch out for people who claim to be Thai and claim to know every kind of language… as usual. :laughing:


He already returned with a backup account and already QC. New name, new gender and new many languages.


It’s really amazing, I’m glad to hear that :hugs:
And Viki will never look at him.
I love it.


I think I “found” him. In a roundabout way. lol


We probably talk about the same one, but I’m not surprised if there are more… :kissing:


And he’s targeting the same dramas and harassing the same persons. :tired_face:


This will never stop, if even Viki doesn’t care, what is left for us to do?


Cry? :sob:


Quit subtitling? I mean, I’m considering just giving up and letting them handle the mess, since we’re talking with ghosts apparently…


I’m thinking about resourcing to hoodoo.


I’m thinking about just blocking out all the accounts and the people that add this person even knowing that it’s an abuser. So I’ll live happy in my bubble