Giving a chance to a rookie x Falling for fake accounts


Yes, they even mix Latin and Cyrillic on their passports:


I checked some Serbian applicants a while ago (seemed legit though) and noticed that they switched using different alphabets in different dramas, but I checked a Bulgarian Google Translator user too, so I kinda mixed those up :laughing:


That is debatable :wink:

Preferably you would want Serbian mods to use cyrillics because this alphabet is dying out. But they have audience outside of the borders of their state, so some insist on latin alphabet.


I met a few people who emigrated as when they were children, I can imagine that they may not know the Cyrillic alphabet. On the other hand, this may concern other languages as well. :thinking: Reminds me a bit of the Hanja in Korean.


They could either learn Cyrillic or watch with the subs of their country of residence. Why compromise the subtitles for that if most people can still read them in Cyrillic?


Therefore, I added the sentence that it most likely concerns other languages and therefore ain’t valid. Like, I have this half-Japanese colleague who can speak Japanese, but can’t read Kanji. But usually Furigana can only be found in manga for children and stuff like that.


Just to emphasize, both alphabets are official in the Serbian language. In Bosnian, as well. Montenegrin has only cyrillics, if I remember correctly.


I know, though it hasn’t always been that way. But that’s still no reason to use the Latin script solely for emigrants if the people still living there have no problem with Cyrillic.


I admit I made a lot of errors on this show.

It was very frustrating for me to deal with the ultimatums I received via messages while I was dealing with a reported abuser. I did not take the report at face value so I had to waste too much time looking into that while dealing with that person pestering me almost constantly. I was fed up with everything. I apologize for being short-tempered.

The experience has made me recticent to add any new people. But I have learned what not to do in the future.


Reading the profile often tells a lot… someone’s profile says “I speak English and Z”. If this person suddenly applies to translate from Chinese and Korean into English or even do the translation edit, I’d ask myself why this person suddenly knows all of these languages after previously stating that they (only) know English and Z. Just maybe.

Same in regard to someone who explains why they know a certain language. Below, they state that they can translate from Thai/Japanese/Korean to English. Now, they were appointed as TE for Chinese (or something). Where does Chinese even come from? :woman_shrugging: What about the other languages?

Nowadays, it seems like everyone can do this. Some people even seemingly turn the presubs into something worse (in German we call this “verschlimmbessern” meaning that someone tries to improve something and manages to make it even worse).


What sort of PMs am I getting now :no_mouth::sneezing_face:

Another fake account running toward us.

Received a PM from a spammer? Let us know!

Seriously, why are they bothering us?
Please don’t reply to such messages @shraddhasingh


What in the world :expressionless:


I got the same one today, the account was created today too :face_with_raised_eyebrow: blocking the username lovelaura443_467 everywhere ! :angry: Who told me to say Hello! :crazy_face: Also reported.

Received a PM from a spammer? Let us know!

Just got it too, sigh




I just received it too, reporting in 3, 2, 1.


This spammer/abuser has been “busy” sending out PMs all over the Viki map today.

Reported! :rage:
Not sure if it went through. I’m puzzled by the “personal particulars not present” message (in pink box) after clicking “submit”. The profile is still online. :face_with_raised_eyebrow::roll_eyes:






Received a PM from a spammer? Let us know!

I wonder if they are bot accounts.


i was wondering the same


It’s deleted now: